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Lingnan Arts Biennale

Since 2011, Lingnan Arts Festival has personified the spirit of liberal arts. By inviting local artists to showcase their work, the festival introduces various art forms to enrich the cultural well-being of students, alumni, staff, as well as the general public. On its 10th anniversary, the festival will be transformed into a biennial, and renamed as the Lingnan Arts Biennale. Our opening event will take place in the new cultural landmark, the Xiqu Centre. This offers audiences a chance to immerse themselves in the unique ambience of the venue, by taking in a stunning show, and enhance their cultural experience.

"Yours truly"

“Yours truly” is the theme of this year’s biennale. Since the events of 2019, everyone has been suffering from social distancing, unable to travel and coping with illness. Hoping to release accumulated stress within these times, the Biennale introduces cultural activities that soothe our hearts and minds. This year’s programmes cover art forms from local to global, from traditional to modern, including Chinese opera, singing bowl, Ikebana, films and jazz music, in order to present the most diverse and heart-warming enjoyment for all participants. “Yours truly” is an invitation, an experience, and a celebration. Everyone is welcome.