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Digital Art Exhibition - Digital Matter


            Luminous screens have become ubiquitous tools of interaction. Beyond a mere receiving end of communication, the screen connects our bodies with physical, virtual, and digital matters. It serves as a vital interface, enabling humans to engage and immerse themselves in an ever-changing sea of information.

           Inspired by the solar term Grain Rain, Dr. Hung Keung’s Grain Rain series personifies Chinese characters through the depiction of life cycle of the blossoming and withering of flowers on luminous screens. Mr. Hung Yu Hao’s immersive artwork Proxy invites viewers to navigate in the process of decentralizing themselves in the virtual world; by doing so, it helps viewers to reflect on the impact of digital connections on human consciousness. In her interactive installation I want to share my landscape with you, Ms. Lei Ka Ieng uses facial tracking technology to create visual artworks that explore the relationship between people and the landscapes that they inhabit. Drawing inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges’s novels, Mr. Zhou Xiaohu’s The Garden of Vague utilizes 3D animation and VR experience to challenge conventional notions of time and space. 

           The team from Lingnan University’s Animation and Digital Arts Programme offers another way of understanding the entanglement between the inner self and the luminous digital matter. Prof. Man Chi Wah’s digital artwork innerSelf_V.23 reflects the inner self through fragmented images on a series of screens. Prof. Tso Hung Kit’s installation Matter Conversion delves into the interaction between user-generated images and sounds, incorporating the audience’s own images and music into the creative process. Mr. Kan Shiu Tao’s interactive installation Facets of the Digital Self explores the nature of identity in the age of social media. The team also curates exemplary and exceptional artworks of students, thereby exemplifying their artistic explorations and expressive inclinations within the digital art medium.

      The exhibition revolutionizes our perception of sensations, narratives, and cultures, highlighting their transformation through the combination of actual space and virtual images.

  • Date:    7–16 Dec 2023
  • Veune:  Lingnan@WestKowloon
                  12/F, M+ Tower,
                  West Kowloon Cultural District

    (Artists are listed in alphabetical order)

  •               Dr. HUNG Keung – Hong Kong
  •               Mr. HUNG Yu Hao – Taiwan
  •               Ms. LEI Ka Ieng – Macau
  •               Mr. Zhou Xiaohu – Shanghai
  •               Faculty and Students of
                  Animation and Digital Arts Programme,
                  Lingnan University

*Visitor registration is required 
*7 Dec will be opened to invited guests only

Digital Matter Opening Ceremony

(Artists are listed in alphabetical order)