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Music Performance – Endless Cassette


         In the 1980s, Cantopop brought cassette tapes into our homes, backpacks, and cars, leaving behind a generational memento. As we stand at the dawn of the AI revolution, why do we still have a soft spot for the Musicassette era? As part of the Lingnan Arts Biennale 2023, this musical happening on Lingnan campus will bring together the local indie band Cassette, Lingnan students, and Project Pedal, which showcases music and intergeneration dialogues: a reflection on who we were, how we are now, and what this sounds like.

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  • 23 Nov 2023
  • 13:00-14:00
  • Kin Sun Square (Skylight Plaza), Lingnan University
  • Cassette, Dr. Enrico BERTELLI and Lingnan’s students



              Formed in 2016, after restructuring, the duo Cassette and now consists of the programmer Johnny and the lead singer Carmen. The name Cassette alludes to the forward and reverse mechanism of playing music, just like cassette tapes––where music can be played and sung freely, regardless of whether times are good or bad, and for audiences everywhere.



(Adjunct Associate Professor of Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit)

             Dr. Enrico Bertelli holds a BA in Music, Cinema, and Theatre, a Percussion degree from the Conservatoire, an MA in Performance Studies, and a PhD in Contemporary Performance and Electronics. He founded Conductive Musicand has received numerous grants and awards in the UK for his STEAM approach to teaching music with innovative technology. His team has collaborated with over 70 schools, instructing 4,000 students annually, and has performed at over 30 universities and schools in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, and throughout Europe. In 2019, Bertelli joined the WBL Music and Performing Arts Unit (WBLMP) at Lingnan University, teaching courses on music and creative expression, as well as the science of sound through the hybrid mode. He currently serves as Associate Professor of Practice at WBLMP.