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Immersive Experience


  •         In the current era of widespread internet proliferation, everyday life has become intertwined with countless virtual conduits. Those who navigate within this realm are referred to as “Discarnate Man,” whose bodies can be perceived as a deconstruction of centralization. Their “spiritual values” disperse in a decentralized manner within the virtual world, facilitating the “retribalization” of social group structures within the digital domain. In contemporary times, the boundaries between reality and the virtual have been transcended through nodes that encompass various functionalities of digital services, interconnecting experiences from different dimensions of the body. As a result, digital connections have become synaptic responses within the physical world, with human consciousness flowing through every street and alley. Delivery platforms, for instance, record the instrumentalized actions of the body, while delivery personnel function as agents within this system, resembling digital proxies that depict the neural network formed by the fragmented existence of contemporary human.

    Mr. HUNG Yu Hao

            Hung Yu Hao was born in Taipei in 1989 and obtained a master’s degree in New Media Art from the National Taiwan University of Arts. Inspired by his personal experiences in his place of residence, his creative works focus on exploring the intersection between virtual and real expressions of geographical images in new media contexts. By conducting long-term observation of various street scenes in Taipei’s Wanhua District, he infuses common spaces with social cognition and the experience of group flow. He uses aerial photography, 3D scanning, and virtual reality (VR) production to explore the sense of personal time and space in different dimensions of local communities.

            Hung’s artwork had received numerous awards, including a special award from the Laguna Art Prize as well as being named a finalist for the Lumen Prize in the UK. He was also awarded the gold medal in the New Media Art Category at the 2018 National Art Exhibition, ROC. His works are included in the collections of the Ministry of Culture Art Bank and Yo-Chang Art Museum.