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Chinese Art Exhibition – Sensing Things


            Themed Sensing Things, the exhibition showcases a private collection on loan from Chamber of Young Snow, ranging from Song dynasty ceramics to 20th century Chinese paintings. It explores how artists and connoisseurs expressed their emotional connection with “things” through creation and play with objects. 

            The exhibition is divided into two parts: “The Joy of Landscape” and “The Way of Playing with Objects.” “The Joy of Landscape” will invite visitors to think about how artists expressed their sensibilities and thoughts in their paintings of the landscape, bird-and-flower, gardens, and figures. Largely through ceramics, “The Way of Playing with Objects” looks at both past and present from the perspective of playing with objects. This exhibition hopes to let visitors appreciate the charm of Chinese art through sensing things, reflecting on their feelings and understanding of the times, and finding their own way of expression.

  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Venue:

  •   Nov-Dec 2023
  •   Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00
  •   Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition
      Hall, 3/F, South Wing, Patrick Lee Wan
      Keung Academic Building,
      Lingnan University
  • Curatorial Team
  • Prof. HO Chui Fun
  • Prof. CHEN Fong Fong
  • Mr. TONG Kai Cheung
  • Miss LEE Cheuk Yin