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Dean's Message

Lingnan’s Arts has a long history and proud place at the centre of liberal arts education in Hong Kong and the region. This year, in particular, is the best time to reflect on the benefits of liberal arts vis a vis artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation. Though STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects continue to advance through the secondary and tertiary curricula, I am a believer in STEAM, inserting Arts as intervention into awareness of human possibilities, the better to leaven and enrich our moment of learning and literacy. It is worth remembering that the archive of human learning is cumulative, with repositories of classical and enlightenment thought forming the bedrock of search, platforms and data articulations. An educated person is well rounded, and conversant with a range of intellectual, artistic and moral spheres. My own area is film history and criticism, and I take delight in learning from my colleagues and students in history, classics, aesthetics, logic, visual arts, cultural studies, literature, language and trans-lingual practice. Our door is always open, as Confucius said, “There is no discrimination in education.” 有教無類。


Professor Emilie YEH
Dean of the Faculty of Arts