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Seminar by Artist-in-Residence ─ Nature, City, Artist

駐校藝術家講座 ─ 自然、城市、藝術家 (英語主講)

Date: 16 March 2015 (Mon)
Time: 2:30 – 4:00pm
Venue: NAB323, Artist-in-Residence Studio, New Academic Block, Lingnan University
Language: English
Co-organiser: Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University
ILP unit(s): 1.5 (Aesthetic Development)
Artist:  Ms TANG Ying-mui, Grace, Artist-in-Residence at Lingnan University


The rapid development of modern life, we, humans, are dominated by work, the relationship between man and nature become fragmented, everything in nature becomes a resource for us.
Tang Ying Mui, Grace has been paying her concerns on the relationship of nature, city and man. She will talk about her artworks which are focused on man's four basic elements in living: clothing, food, shelter and mobility. How these activities in today's social structure has impacted man and nature and hopefully we can redefine our role as part of nature.

About TANG Ying-mui, Grace

Tang Ying Mui, Grace graduated with BA (Fine Art), from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and a Msc from University of Westminster, UK. She is working as an artist in Hong Kong and has exhibited in Hong Kong and around the world.

She uses un-advanced technology, unsophisticated skills and materials (wire and packaging tape, plastic wrapped wire, textile fur, etc) from industry to build up works and explores the fragile condition of humans existence, the external and internal boundaries built around people.


日期: 2015年3月16日 (星期一)
時間: 下午2時30分至4時
地點: 嶺南大學新教學大樓NAB323室
語言: 英語
合辦: 嶺南大學視覺研究系
ILP 學分: 1.5 (美育發展)
藝術家:  鄧凝梅女士