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Eco-cinema Series ─ The Waves &
The Other Side of Hong Kong: North East New Territories

環保電影系列 ─ 《驚濤洶湧》 及 《香港的另一面:新界東北》

Date: 23 March 2015 (Mon)
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: LBYG02, B.Y. Lam Building, Lingnan University
Co-organiser: CULTaMAP
Speakers: Ms WONG Cheuk-man (Film Director of Yeung Yeung with Cows)
  Resident from North East New Territories
  Representative of Fieldpaths, a documentary crewin Hong Kong
Moderator: Ellis YIP (Film Critic)
ILP Unit(s): 2 (Civic Education)

日期: 2015年3月23日 (星期一)
時間: 下午5時30分至7時30分
地點: 嶺南大學林炳炎樓LBYG02 室
合辦: 文化地圖
講者: 黃勺嫚女士(電影《牽牛花》導演)
主持: 葉七城 (影評)
ILP學分: 2 (公民教育)

The Waves 《驚濤洶湧》

Director: Cheung King-wai 張經緯│2012│7mins
Language: Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles 粵語輔中、英文字幕

In the 15th years of Hong Kong's handover from Britain to China, Hong Kong Container Terminals - which once was the No.1 in he world - is actually having its glory fading out now. As a giant countainer ship steering from Shenzhen, China into Hong Kong, a father and daughter gaze at it and say goodbye to each other.



The other Side of Hong Kong: North East New Territories 《香港的另一面:新界東北》

Hong Kong, often referred to as “Pearl of the Orient”, is a vibrant city with a unique fusion of Eastern and Western heritage. But there is a group of people, who have left behind, isolated from society. From the short films, Shum Po, Master of Dragon Fruit, 613 - Thousands of people against the Nouth East New Territories New Development Areas Plan at Legislative Council, we will see the lifestyle of Hong Kong farmers and how they defended their farms against outsiders.

在很多人的眼中,香港是璀璨的「東方之珠」,國際大都會,繁華的背後,少眾的聲音難免會被忽視。短片《田上的人》、《粉嶺馬屎埔村農夫‧黎氏夫婦》、《6 月13 日。千人反對東北規劃立法會事件》呈現香港的農夫,堅守岡位,默默地守護他們的農地。


Yeung Yeung with Cows 《牽牛花》

Director: Wong Cheuk-man 黃芍嫚│2013│23mins
Language: Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles 粵語輔中、英文字幕
Award: 2014 The 19th ifva, Hong Kong, The Silver Award in the Open Category

Walking across a village, through a few paths, dogs are barking. Cows calling ahead, a woman with hundreds of cows. Old cows resting, small cows running. Mud on the ground, moon in the sky. Her wished, her regret.



Shum Po 《田上的人》

Director: Local Made Production 土地影像│2014│8mins
Language: Cantonese 粵語


Master of Dragon Fruit 《粉嶺馬屎埔村‧黎氏夫婦》

Director: Fieldpaths 田邊記錄│2014│20mins
Language: Cantonese with Chinese subtitles 粵語輔中文字幕


613‧Thousands of People Against the North East New Territories New Development Areas Plan aT Legislative Council

Director: Fieldpaths 田邊記錄│2014│10mins
Language: Cantonese 粵語