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Seminar by Artist-in-Residence ─ Can we have a Renaissance in the Post-modern era?
駐校藝術家講座 ─ 後現代是否能“文藝復興”?



Date: 12 March 2018 (Mon)
Time: 4:30pm – 6:30pm

NAB323, Jonathan KS Choi Art Studio, New Academic Block, Lingnan University

Language: English


Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University
ILP unit(s): 2 (Aesthetic Development)
Artist: Ms Lantian D. (Artist-in-Residence, Lingnan University)


“God is dead”, we’ve discovered the universe and the atom, can we have a Renaissance today? By drawing comparison between our post-modern era and one of the best-known zeniths in Art history, this seminar aims to provide a brief personal inquiry into the role and the nature of art and artists, as well as the potential and limitations of art in the post-modern age. It attempts to see art holistically: in religion, in science, in philosophy, in psychology, in poetry and literature – and of course in art history, from Ancient Greece to the Song Dynasty, from Michelangelo to Bada Shanren, from Vincent van Gogh to Anselm Kiefer. Despite art being elusive with forever shifting boundaries, and that we can never define it, this seminar continues to explore: what art is.


About Lantian D.
With an undergraduate degree in Commerce and a postgraduate degree in filmmaking, Lantian D. committed herself to fine art in 2013. In less than five years, she has been selected for multiple major art competitions in the UK, including the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, many annual exhibitions of the Royal Societies, the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize at the Mall Galleries, the National Open Art competition at the Royal College of Art and so on. She won the Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture – the major prize of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 2016, and twice received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant from Canada awarding promising young artists.



日期: 2018年3月12日 (星期一)
時間: 下午4時30分至6時30分
地點 : 嶺南大學新教學大樓
蔡冠深藝術廊 ( NAB323 室)
語言: 英語
合辦: 嶺南大學視覺研究系
ILP學分: 2 (美育發展)
藝術家: 蘭天D.女士 (嶺南大學駐校藝術家)



 “上帝已死”,我們發現了宇宙,又發現了基本粒子,後現代是否也能文藝復興?將藝術史上最具盛名的時期與後現代做比較,本次講演是蘭天D. 對於藝術的本質及其在後現代的潛力與局限的一次簡短探研。旨在把藝術重新放回文明這個整體中看待:從宗教、科學、哲學、心理學、詩歌和文學的視角來看,還從藝術史 ─ 從古希臘到宋,從米開朗基羅到八大山人,從梵高到基弗 ─ 的角度來看。儘管藝術有着遊移的邊界,難以捉摸且不能被定義,本次研討會仍舊要探索:藝術是什麽。



蘭天D.,商學學士,電影碩士。從2013年起投身藝術。五年間,她的作品連續多次被選入英國各大藝術賽事,在國家肖像美術館,皇家肖像畫家協會 (RP),皇家油畫家研究所(ROI),皇家藝術家協會(RBA),女藝術家協會(SWA)以及英國皇家藝術學院等場所展出。2016年她榮獲了皇家肖像畫家協會的最高獎(The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture),並兩次獲得加拿大Elizabeth Greenshields基金會授予畫壇新銳的年度獎金。