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博雅教育 成就一生


(In English Only)


Terms of Reference


1. To facilitate communication and promote dialogue between academic staff and students.
2. To consider feedback from students regarding teaching, learning and course evaluation and issues of importance for enhancing teaching and learning quality.
3. To consider any other matters of concern to students.
4. To review and monitor the learning and teaching quality assurance mechanisms and processes within the programme.
5. To provide feedback to students on changes made to courses and teaching in response to the Course Teaching and Learning Evaluation exercise.
6. To formulate strategies to help students learn more effectively.




Prof MAN Chi Wah, Programme Director

3 Student Representatives

Ms GU Qiming (Year 1 ADA Student)

Ms LUK Nga Nam (Year 1 ADA Student)

Ms ZHANG Xinyi (Year 1 ADA Student)