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Frequently Asked Questions


Application & Admission


1. Does ADA programme welcome students with Arts or Science background?



2. Will there be any admission interview?

  Yes, if the applicants are shortlisted.


3. How will applicants be informed if interview will be held?

  Applicants will be contacted via email.


4. Is the academic qualification of self-financed programme different from UGC (government)-funded programme? ?

  The academic qualification of self-financed programme is the same as UGC (government)-funded degree programme.


5. What should be prepared for applications?
  Applicants should upload the following documents to the online application system:
  1. HKDSE Result
  2. Latest transcript of sub-degree programme
  3. Result of Public Examination, e.g. SAT, AP, GCEAL, IB
  4. Result of Public English Examination
  5. Art portfolio - must be in digital format which can show students' past attempts in art, design, animation and other related creations.
  Applicants with Mainland JEE results

Before the announcement of JEE (Gaokao) Result:

    1. Latest Academic Transcripts in High School
    2. Result of Public English Examination (if any)
    After the announcement of JEE (Gaokao) Result:
    1. JEE result
    2. Latest Academic Transcripts in High School
    3. Result of Public English Examination (if any)


6. What is the format of interview?

  • Face-to-face interview for local applicants; Video conferencing interview (Skype) for non-local applicants. Video conferencing via WeChat, QQ or other software are not applicable.
  • Individual/group interview
  • Medium of language: English
  • Length of interview: 10 to 15 mins
  • Applicants will be required to present the submitted art portfolio for 3 minutes.
  • An applicant must attend the technical testing himself or herself.
  • Non-local applicants have to register a skype account.


7. When will the interview result be released?

  • Successful applications will be informed by the Registry via email in 1 to 2 months after the interview. It will take a longer time for the applicants who are on the waiting list.
  • For privacy reason, phone enquiry about application status is not applicable. Please contact us via email at


8. Is there any English Language Requirement for this programme?

  Yes, please refer to English Language Requirements for details. Applicants are strongly advised to take the relevant English Exam by June.




About Programme



1. Is the graduation certificate different from other Lingnan’s programmes?

  No, the graduation certificate of ADA programme is awarded by Lingnan University.


2. Do ADA students have their lesson on campus?

  All ADA lessons take place on Lingnan campus.


3. Can ADA students apply for a change of major?

  No, they cannot.



Hostel Arrangement


1. Are ADA students eligible for hostel application?

  Yes. However, the number of hostel places is very limited, hostel places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.


2. How to apply for hostel?

  Please stay tuned to the email sent by Office of Student Affairs and follow their instructions when submitting application.