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Graduate Sharing


WANG Junzhe 
MA in Chinese, 2022 Graduate

The MA in Chinese Programme provided me with not only literary training, but a broad perspective to both literature and the history of literature. Students were not restricted in classrooms or textbooks. There were plenty of workshops and local trips that strengthened the bonds between us and the land where we stood. Dedicated and devoted professors were always available through email, in their offices, or even at table. The close teacher-student relationship and friendly atmosphere at Lingnan guaranteed the considerate support and professional guidance for each of us, no matter which direction our interests lied in – research or creative writing, classics or modernity. Throughout the MA in Chinese Programme, I gradually understood that the power of literature and found it everywhere, whose magic hided in every character we wrote and read, every sound we made and heard, every story we told and received, as well as meaning in discourses crafted. In general, it was not a brand-new worldview that the degree equipped me with. What the 1-year studying experience offered was a thinking method, allowing me to reflect on the world, to recreate the world of literature and reality, and thus to recreate myself.


GAN Ting
MA in Curating and Art History, 2022 Graduate

The MACAH Programme has meant a lot to me. With this scholarship, I am grateful that my efforts and achievements have been seen and recognized throughout the year. Firstly, the professional knowledge I have gained has helped me understand the depth of art and its endless fascination in a way I could never have reached before. Secondly, the curriculum is incredibly cutting-edge, and the information and knowledge I received in class were so fresh and pioneering that it provided me with a seamless connection to contemporary art and a real insight into today's world. Finally, I felt that the programme office and the university are a heartfelt and responsible education system, with teachers who really care about teaching and learning, and a commitment to continually improving students' study experiences, which shifted my previous stereotypes of education authority while also offering me with a really enjoyable year on campus.


HUI Man Yee Tracy
MA in Curating and Art History, 2021 Graduate

My study in the MACAH programme enabled me to break stereotypes and broaden my understanding of art. The diverse courses offer me with professional skills in both curating and art history. I completed a dissertation on Chinese women artists in Qing under the compassionate guidance and supervision of Dr Michelle Huang. My critical thinking, research, and writing skills have improved my capacity to work at the gallery. I had the opportunity to work as an intern at the CUHK Art Museum last summer, the experience provided me more hands-on experience in museum operations. Thanks to the Graduate Scholarship, I now have more opportunities to get vast knowledge in the art field. My time with the MACAH programme has truly broadened my horizon and deepened my understanding of the art world.

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CHAN Cheuk Lun Lewa
MA in Creative and Media Industries, 2022 Graduate

Studying in MACMI has been an eye-opening experience. An enthusiast of film, music, and visual art myself, it was very rewarding to learn about the industry. Also, having the chance to look at art and media through the lenses of philosophy made me understand the forms and values of our culture thoroughly. Work hard and you will learn a lot!


LI Qian Ria
MA in Creative and Media Industries, 2022 Graduate

Whether you are interested in film, music, television, social media, games, curation, or art, the Master of Arts in Creative and Media Industries (MACMI) is a great choice. This past year was very enriching because I not only studied advanced courses on creative and media industries but also experienced the difference of Hong Kong's cultural economy through field trips. The most intuitive feeling is that when I visit museums or art galleries in Hong Kong again, I not only have visual and auditory enjoyment, but I also admire and respect the research and dedication of each media industry worker behind it. I understand what kind of historical, geographical, political, and economic factors have created the current cultural industry in Hong Kong.


GAO Ziqian
MA in Translation Studies, 2022 Graduate

During my year of study at Lingnan University, I not only gained a lot of professional knowledge, but was also uplifted by the richly academic atmosphere of the university. Every teacher is serious and responsible, providing us with great help, and the school also has impressive learning resources, so we can search for the materials we need in the library, computer room, etc.


ZHONG Qiming
MA in Translation Studies, 2022 Graduate

I came into my MATS with an engineering background. My learning experience enriched me with professional knowledge in translation studies and cross-cultural communication. It opened a window on the world.

I am grateful to every instructor and faculty member, who provided me with timely help when I felt puzzled, and to my classmate Edwina, who always motivated me and hit the books with me. I consider myself lucky for choosing Lingnan. Life in Hong Kong has also been enriching. I look forward to a new chapter of my life!


XU Haoran
Master of Cultural Studies, 2022 Graduate

Cultural Studies allows me to revisit my daily life and apply Asia as Method in order to broaden my horizons. The course also adopts an interdisciplinary approach to literature, history and philosophy whilst thinking through the discourse.

I believe that Cultural Studies as an emerging discipline, is capable of inheriting the past and creating another landscape for the future at the same time.

I have benefitted the most from my studies in gender studies, particularly concerned with the course of Feminism and Cultural Politics. The MCS programme places emphasis on theory and practice, and broadens perspectives on achieving social change. With textual discourse which is able to develop methodological insights and analytical reflections, this programme makes me take action for society.

The most unforgettable part of my study in MCS is the opportunity to receive advice from excellent professors and to discuss with like-minded classmates. After all, this is a valuable experience for my entire life.


Master of Cultural Studies, 2022 Graduate

While studying in Cultural Studies, I think the most valuable thing I gained is not the knowledge, but the opportunity to be able to meet a lot of lovely and kind people. We have spent a wonderful year together and get to know each other with sincere. The knowledge I gained in the class has also made me a more caring person, who begins to care about the minorities in the society and the natural environment. Outside the classroom, the great help from teachers and friends have warmed my heart. We watched the Lingnan Arts Festival all together and discussed topics with common interest. They have also witnessed my growth and participated in it. And now, they are the people in Hong Kong who I miss the most. I feel so grateful for meeting them and I look forward to the day we meet again.


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