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Interdisciplinary Major in Film and Media Studies


What is Interdisciplinary Major in Film and Media Studies?

The interdisciplinary major in Film and Media Studies is open to outstanding students who wish to attain a foundational and specific knowledge of film and media studies, both having renowned and established theoretical and professional traditions, but approachable from cross-disciplinary perspectives. The major programme will equip students with theoretical, critical and practical skills necessary to cope with professional and academic demands in different sectors, as well as the changing social, cultural, political economic context of values and ideas.

Students who have completed the 120-credit curriculum incorporating the 48-credit interdisciplinary major will be awarded a BA (Hons) in Film and Media Studies degree 電影與媒體研究(榮譽)文學士.

Learning Outcomes 

Students who complete the Film and Media Studies major will be able to:

  1. apply a range of concepts commonly used in film and media studies, such as media effects theory, ‘representation’, ‘audience reception theories’, ‘political economy’, and concepts relating to film style (e.g. ‘German expressionism’) and film production (e.g. ‘montage’);
  2. analyze and evaluate, from an interdisciplinary perspective, both individual works and general trends in a variety of visual media;
  3. relate theories and approaches in film and media studies to particular examples/cases from different parts of the world;
  4. effectively communicate, both orally and in written form, about the aforementioned applications, comparisons, analyses, and evaluations.

Programme Structure

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A student is eligible to apply for the interdisciplinary major in Film and Media Studies if he/she has attained cGPA of 2.9 or above at the end of the first year of study.

Academic Advisor
A student of the interdisciplinary major will be assigned an academic advisor from the host departments of the interdisciplinary major. 

Application Procedure
A student who is interested in applying interdisciplinary major should submit the application form to the Faculty Office.