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Performances@Lingnan: English Drama - My Fair Lady
演藝匯嶺南﹕英語話劇 《窈窕淑女》


9 April 2019 (Tue)
10 April 2019 (Wed)

Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm (Tue)
7:30pm – 9:00pm (Wed)
Venue: MBG22, Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University
ILP Units: 1.5 (Aesthetic Development)
Performers: Lingnan Students





Based on the Broadway musical of the same name, My Fair Lady starts with the phonetics expert Henry Higgins meeting the flower seller Eliza Doolittle outside Covent Garden. Higgins boasts that he can teach Eliza to speak formal English, and proceeds to deploy various strategies to transform Eliza into a high-class-sounding lady. However, Eliza notices that her own efforts have been hugely undermined and ignored….




日期: 2019年4月9日 (星期二)
2019年4月10日 (星期三)
時間: 下午5時30分至晚上7時正 (星期二)
下午7時30分至晚上9時正 (星期三)
地點: 嶺南大學李運強教學大樓地下MBG22室
ILP學分: 1.5 (美育發展)
演出: 嶺南大學學生



This event is open to all.