Date:        9 October 2009 (Friday) 9:00am-6:00pm
Location: Lingnan University, Hong Kong

The Centre for Asian Pacific Studies (CAPS), Lingnan University is organising a one-day conference to examine the current political developments in Taiwan, and its implications for Hong Kong, China and the greater Asia-Pacific region. The one-day conference will focus on Taiwan’s second democratic transition under the Ma Ying-jeou presidency. Scholars and experts from Taiwan, China Hong Kong, Macau, and the United States will be invited to present their perspectives and research findings.

Ma Ying-jeou’s victory in the 2008 presidential election and the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) landslide win in the 2008 legislative election have decisively changed the political landscape of Taiwan. The impacts are felt in Taiwan’s domestic politics and its external relations, most notably in cross-strait relations. It is important to understand the profound changes that have occurred under the new presidency and how these changes will affect the future political development of Taiwan and cross-strait relations.

Key Conference Themes:

One year after the advent of President Ma, it is first important to examine the domestic impacts of KMT administration. In particular, it is important to explore how the KMT one-party dominance has transformed the processes and operations of policymaking. One particular concern is whether Taiwan is tilting toward a classic one-party dominant system in which the ruling party consistently wins elections and other parties are condemned to perpetual opposition.

Second, it is important to explore how cross-strait relations will evolve after the establishment of the economics-oriented three links. Many suggest that political negotiations will inevitably become an agenda for cross-strait relations. However, the differences between the two sides on fundamental issues like Taiwan’s sovereign status could seriously constrain the prospects for improving the relationship.

List of Speakers (in alphabetical order):

Keynote Speaker: Wu, Jaushieh Joseph (吳釗燮)
Research Fellow (Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University)


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