The Twin Rise of China and Japan and the Future of the East Asian Order

Tentative Programme

Venue: Paul S. Lam Conference Centre, 
Amenities Building, Lingnan University
Date: 5 November 2010 (Friday)




Welcoming Remarks


Zhang Baohui
Director, Centre for Asian Pacific Studies, Lingnan University

Jesús Seade
Vice President, Lingnan University

Brian Bridges
Head, Department of Political Science, Lingnan University


Keynote Speech

The China-US relationship and its implications for Asian security order
Wang Jisi, Professor and Dean, School of International Studies, Peking University


Tea Break


Session 1: Power Trajectories of the Main Players
Chair: Brian Bridges, Lingnan University


Power Shift: Is the East rising - Is the West declining? Critical Reflections
Michael Cox, Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

China’s Soft Power and Its Peaceful Rise As a War Power: A Critical Assessment
Shi Yinhong,Professor, Renmin University, China

Is the Rise of China More Opaque than the Demise of the Soviet Union? Explaining Absence of a Proactive Japanese Strategy
Yoichiro Sato, Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Lunch 2nd Floor Chinese Restaurant



Session 2: Key Bilateral Relationships
Chair: TBA


Sino-U.S. Relations and the East Asian Order 
Zhang Baohui, Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Asian Pacific Studies, Lingnan University

21st Century East Asia and Japan's Roles and Responsibilities
Motofumi Asai,President, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University

Lessons from the Past, Choices for the Future: Sino-Japanese Relations and Asia-Pacific IR
Zhao Quansheng, Professor and Director, Center for Asian Studies, American University


Session 3: Envisioning the Future East Asian Order
Chair:  Zhang Baohui, Lingnan University


The United States and the Changing Regional Order in East Asia
John Ikenberry, Professor, Princeton University

Japan’s China Policy and the Prospect of an East Asian Community
Hidetaka Yoshimatsu, Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Leadership, Reconciliation, and Regional Order: Modelling Europe?
Brian Bridges, Professor, Lingnan University


Coffee Break


Session 4:  Middle Powers in the East Asian Order: Their Strategies and Impacts
Chair: Chung Chien-Peng, Lingnan University


Beyond Balancing and Bandwagoning - South Korea’s Search of East Asian Regional Order
Chung-in Moon, Professor, and Jong-kun Choi, Assistant Professor, Yonsei University

Balancing for Security and Bandwagoning for Profit: Australia’s Strategy in East Asia’s Emerging Great Power Order
Andrew O’Neil, Professor, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University

ASEAN’s Institutionalization Efforts in East Asia: Challenges and Prospects
Alice Ba, Associate Professor, University of Delaware





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