The Economic and Moral Dimensions of Global Warming

Speaker :   Dr. Jean-Paul Maréchal
Associate Professor University of Rennes 2  


Date :Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Time:11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.




As William Nordhaus puts it, global warming is the mother of all public goods and the father of decision making under uncertainty. In fact, greenhouse gas emissions pose a unique political and economic challenge for at least two reasons: their effects are non-localized and they have long time lags. The problem of justice must therefore be considered both on the intra-generational and the inter-generational levels. In this talk Professor Jean-Paul Maréchal will examine four dimensions of the economic issues posed by global warming. First, the decision making framework generated by greenhouse gas emissions. The second dimension is the “where efficiency” requirement. Third, the “when efficiency” requirement and, lastly, the next steps in global climate talks.

 Speaker's Biography:

Jean-Paul Maréchal (PhD in Economics, Université Paris 1) is Associate Professor at Université Rennes 2 and researcher at ISMEA (Institut des Sciences Mathématiques et Économiques Appliqués – Institute for Applied Mathematics and Economics). His research fields are economic ethics, environmental economics, sustainable development and epistemology. He has published five books (one of them was awarded the prize of the French Academy for Moral and Political Sciences in 2001) and more than one hundred articles in scholarly journals and specialised publications.

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