The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Advisory Board for Core Curriculum and General Education

Terms of Reference



The role of an Advisory Board is to act as an interface between Government / industry / commerce / the community at large and the Core Curriculum and General Education Programme.


Power and responsibilities

An Advisory Board shall normally meet once a year to help plan and keep under review the following aspects of work including future developments:

a) Level and length of courses/programme(s) concerned in relation to local needs;

b) The relevance of the courses/programme(s) in relation to the changing needs and nature of potential employment in Hong Kong of graduates of the University;

c) The prospects of local employment for graduates;

d) The adequacy of the equipment and other resources of the academic unit(s) to fulfill local needs;

e) The development of teaching and other activities carried out jointly by the academic unit(s) and the appropriate sector of the community;

f) Consultancy and other services given by the academic unit(s); and

g) Keep under review the assistance which the community can give to further the objectives of the University in the subject concerned by way of practical training facilities, the provision of part-time teaching staff and equipment, the award of scholarships, student-fellowships, etc.




Prof. CHOW King Lau
Acting Dean of Students Office
Professor, Division of Life Science
Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Professor, Division of Public Policy
Director of the Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented
Program Director of BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Program
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



Prof. McGINLEY Mark Alan
Director of Core Curriculum and General Education
Head & Professor of Teaching of Science Unit
Lingnan University



Prof. LEE Hun Tak, Thomas
Director, Office of University General Education
Programme Director, General Education Foundation Programme
Director, Baldwin Cheng Research Centre for General Education
Emeritus Professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Ms. CHUNG Yuk Man, Susanna
Programmes Manager and Head of Learning & Participation
Asia Art Archive


Prof. HO Wai Chung
Music Education Concentration Coordinator
Department of Music
Hong Kong Baptist University


Dr. LAU Wai Neng, Michael
Adjunct Professor, School of Biological Sciences
The University of Hong Kong
Independent Ecological Consultant
Conservation and Ecology Environmental Strategy, Conservation and Management Co., Ltd.


Director, Sustainability/Net-Zero Office
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Division of Environment and Sustainability
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Prof. MARSHALL Danial Graham
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
(Representing the Dean of the Faculty of Arts)
Lingnan University


Prof. Paul WHITLA
Professor of Teaching, Department of Marketing and International Business
Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Programmes
(Representing the Dean of the Faculty of Business)
Lingnan University


Prof. CHU Pok Marcus
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Associate Programme Director, Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree Programme, Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences
(Representing the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences)
Lingnan University



Ms. CHAN Ada
Assistant Administrative Manager
Core Curriculum and General Education Office