The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Common Core & Cluster Courses Arrangement

(effective from 2021-22)


Common Core Courses

Students are normally required to complete all 4 Common Core courses in their first two years of study. The CCC courses will be pre-assigned in their study plans on DegreeWorks according to the following sequence to ensure a progressive development of foundational skills and knowledge:



The pre-assigning of CCC courses is made as such to avoid students taking two Common Core courses in one term. Because of the large student number involved, students are strongly advised to adhere to the term they are assigned to take the course(s). Because of the limited study places offered in each term, students must understand that changing of their own timetables will affect other students, especially senior year students, who will inevitably be forced to take two Common Core courses in a single term.

Should students find that the CCC courses they should take not assigned to their study plans, they should add the courses to the study plans on their own.


Cluster Courses

Students are normally required to complete five cluster courses, with one from each cluster. Additional courses may be taken and counted towards free electives, major or minor if applicable. (For students admitted in 2017-18 or before, and senior year students admitted in 2018-19, they are required to complete seven cluster courses, with at least one from each cluster.)