The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Approved Cluster Courses

(as at Nov 2022)





1 Applied Psychology CLA9006 Creativity and Individual Difference: Theories and Applications
2 CLA9013 Self-Improvement, Personal and Work Success
3 Chinese CLA9001 Media Writing in Chinese (中文媒體寫作)
4 CLA9015 Travel Writing in Chinese
5 Cultural Studies CLA9007 Creative Thinking
6 CLA9008 Performance Arts in Modern Times
7 CLA9018 Digital Tactics and Subcultures
8 Economics CLA9005 Economics of Culture and Creativity
9 Economics / Applied Psychology CLA9010 Social Problem Solving and Decision Making in the Modern World
10 English CLA9027 Being Someone: Writing Identity in Contemporary Culture
11 Management CLA9019 Entrepreneurial Spirit and Opportunities
12 Marketing & International Business CLA9003 Innovation in Practice
13 Office of Service-Learning CLA9021 Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Global Grand Challenges
14 Philosophy CLA9022 Understanding Photography
15 Science Unit CLA9025 Science and Creativity
16 CLA9026 Nature Appreciation through Arts and Creative Media
17 Translation CLA9009 Bilingual Studies in Humour
18 CLA9028 Soft Power and Translation
19 Visual Studies CLA9002 <Hong Kong Art
20 WBLMP CLA9023 Creativity in Western Classical Music
21 CLA9024 Creative Expression with Music
22 CLA9029 Creative Movement and Dance
23 CLA9030 The World of Cultural Dances in Hong Kong
24   CLA9099 Special Topics in CLA Cluster

Humanities and the Arts (人文與藝術)

1 Chinese CLB9001 Masterpieces in Chinese Literature (中國文學名著選讀)
2 CLB9002 Chinese-Language Literature in Global Contexts (全球語境下的中文文學)
3 CLB9004 Topics in World Literature: Literary Utopianism
4 CLB9005 Evolution of Chinese Language (漢語通論)
5 CLB9012 The Four Books and Chinese Intellectual Tradition (《四書》與中國士人傳統)
6 CLB9017 Screening China
7 CLB9027 Topics in World Literature: Women in Traditional Societies (世界文學論題:傳統社會中的女性)
8 CLB9028 Ecology and Chinese Cinema
9 CLEAC CLB9010 An Introduction to Chinese Kunqu and Peking Operas Appreciation (中國戲曲 - 京崑藝術欣賞)
10 Cultural Studies CLB9006 Media Literacy
11 CLB9018 Thinking like an Anthropologist
12 CLB9019 Childhood, Youth and Culture
13 English CLB9020 Understanding Language in Film
14 CLB9024 English in Popular Song
15 Philosophy CLB9025 Love and Sexuality
16 CLB9029 Science Fiction in Literature and Visual Arts
17 CLB9032 Understanding Morality
18 Translation CLB9003 Cross-cultural Studies of Children’s Fantasy Literature
19 CLB9013 Dialogue Interpreting: Chinese and English
20 CLB9014 Food, Culture and Identity
21 CLB9021 Cross-Cultural Studies of the Supernatural in Literature
22 CLB9030 Vampires, Monsters, and the Gothic in Literature and Culture
23 CLB9031 Madness and Literature
24 Visual Studies CLB9016 Understanding Museums
25 CLB9035 Korean Pop Culture in a Global Context
26 WBLMP CLB9022 Music and World Cultures
27 CLB9033 Introduction to Musics of the World and Sustainability
28 CLB9034 Music Across the Generations: Western Popular Music in the Post-World War II Period
29 - CLB9099 Special Topics in CLB Cluster

Management and Society (管理與社會)

1 Applied Psychology CLC9007 Stress Management, Health and Life Balance
2 CLC9015 Human Relationship and Interpersonal Skills in Organisations
3 Accountancy CLC9020 Law in Everyday Life
4 Computing & Decision Sciences CLC9018 Games in Daily Life
5 Economics CLC9005 Finance and Politics: Public Interests and Private Manipulation
6 CLC9016 Contemporary Socio-Economic Issues
7 Finance & Insurance CLC9002 Managing Personal Finance
8 CLC9003 Understanding Investment in the Stock Market
9 Government and International Affairs CLC9006 Law and Governance
10 CLC9014 Hong Kong Civil Service
11 Management CLC9008 Business Ethics
12 CLC9009 Corporate Social Responsibility
13 CLC9010 Getting to Yes through Negotiation
14 CLC9004 Traditional Chinese Thought and Management
15 CLC9017 Labour Markets, Employability and Career Development
16 Marketing & International Business CLC9011 China as a Business and Consumer Society
17 CLC9012 To Care About Our Society - Social Marketing
18 CLC9022 The Digital Economy and Social Media
19 Office of Service-Learning CLC9019 Policy and Technology for Urban and Rural Sustainability
20 Philosophy CLC9021 Morality and Markets
21 - CLC9099 Special Topics in CLC Cluster

Science, Technology, Mathematics and Society (數理、科技與社會)

1 Applied Psychology CLD9030 The Brain, Mind, and Behaviour
2 Computing & Decision Sciences CLD9003 Statistics in Modern Society
3 CLD9004 Mathematical Literacy in Today's World
4 CLD9014 Spreadsheet-Based Decision Making
5 CLD9019 Calculus with Applications in Today's World
6 Cultural Studies CLD9001 Technology and Cultural Change
7 Economics CLD9028 Who’s #1? Rankings, Ratings, Critics, and Society
8 CLD9029 Consumers, Voters and Information Technology
9 Economics / Sociology & Social Policy CLD9002 Understanding Social and Economic Indicators
10 Marketing and International Business CLD9011 Using the Internet for Learning and Research
11 Philosophy CLD9020 Artificial Intelligence and Society
12 CLD9021 Technology and the Future of Mankind
13 CLD9023 <Space and Time
14 Science Unit CLD9008 Life Sciences: The way life works
15 CLD9012 Natural Disasters: Science and Society
16 CLD9015 Understanding Evolution<
17 CLD9017 Ecology: The Science of Environmental Issues
18 CLD9018 Natural History of Hong Kong
19 CLD9024 Mapping Our Changing World
20 CLD9025 Climate Change and Human Health
21 CLD9026 Food: Health, Technology and Environment
22 CLD9027 Blue Planet
23 WBLMP CLD9016 Music and the Science of Sound
24 - CLD9099 Special Topics in CLD Cluster

Values, Cultures and Societies (價值、文化與社會)

1 Accountancy CLE9002 Ethical Issues Facing Young Professionals
2 CLE9003 Why People Pay Taxes
3 CLE9019 The Legal System of the People's Republic of China (PRC)
4 Applied Psychology CLE9018 Religious Behaviour, Belief and Experience
5 CLE9032 Emotional Happiness
6 Chinese CLE9020 Popular Culture and Hong Kong Society of the 50s and 60s (香港五六十年代的流行文化與社會)
7 Cultural Studies CLE9026 The Everyday Culture of the Web
8 CLE9028 Sexual Cultures in Asia
9 Economics CLE9025 Understanding Life and Happiness: An Interdisciplinary Approach
10 Economics / Government and International Affairs / Sociology & Social Policy CLE9017 The Value of Sport
11 Finance & Insurance CLE9012 Financial Markets and Their Impacts on Society
12 CLE9022 Real Estate and Its Social Value in Asian Societies
13 Government and International Affairs CLE9004 Greater China: Identity and Interdependence
14 CLE9014 Ethnicity and Nationalism
15 CLE9024 Democracy versus Dictatorship
16 Government and International Affairs / Economics CLE9015 Rethinking Global Issues
17 History CLE9007 China Through the Eyes of the West
18 Management CLE9023 Service Leadership
19 Marketing & International Business CLE9013 Consumer Culture and Values
20 Office of Service-Learning CLE9027 Global Impact Project
21 Philosophy CLE9035 Information, Misinformation, and the Media
22 Sociology & Social Policy CLE9005 Reading Great Social Thinkers
23 CLE9016 Sexuality and Society
24 CLE9033 Truth and Justice
25 CLE9036 Buy, keep, throw: Consumption as a way of life
26 CLE9037 Japanese Society
27 Translation CLE9008 Bilingual Cyber Culture
28   CLE9009 Reading Popular Fiction
29 Visual Studies CLE9034 Cultural Heritage and Sustainability
30 - CLE9099 Special Topics in CLE Cluster