The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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General Education Programme

Why General Education?
Programme Structure
Courses under General Education
Course Exemption/Credit Transfer for General Education Courses
Requirements for Graduation
Irrevocable Enrolment Policy of General Education Courses

Special arrangement for 3-year students fulfilling GE requirement in 2015-16:

3-Year Students who cannot fulfilled GE requirement by the academic year of 2014-15 please carefully observe and take actions towards the following arrangement:

1) No GE courses will be offered starting in 2015-16, students in the 3-year curriculum who need to take GE courses in order to fulfill the graduation requirement will be allowed to take cluster courses that contain a corresponding GE course code (e.g. CLC9006/GEB227 Law and Governance) as a replacement for taking GE courses.

2) Students concerned are reminded that they will be unable to enroll for cluster courses via the online registration system.

3) What they can do, however, is to complete the Study preference form so that their choice of preference can be considered and processed by the Registry before the commencement of their online registration period in 3-5 August 2015.

4) Registry will try to assign the cluster courses to the students concerned according to their choice of preference indicated on the “Study preference form”, however, there is no guarantee on the final course assignment.

5) Students concerned MUST not drop the assigned cluster courses on the online system; once they do that, they will be unable to add those (or any other) cluster courses back to their online course plan. Enrolment of cluster courses must be done outside of the online system via the CCGEO or Registry.