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The Centre for Competition Policy and Regulation (CCPR) aims to create a formal knowledge base through rigorous research on key issues of competition and regulation, especially when these issues relate to the market and economic developments in Hong Kong and the region. CCPR strikes to become and maintain as a leading academic platform for competition and regulation research, by promoting such research at Lingnan University as well fostering collaborations with other research institutions/universities, competition law enforcers and governmental bodies, and the real sectors, both locally and overseas. With its enhanced research activities and knowledge creation, CCPR will also be able to generate knowledge transfer and spillovers to society and bring benefit to teaching of competition economics and business strategies.

Research activities of the CCPR can be grouped under four clusters:

  1. Theoretical and empirical research on such anti-competitive behaviors as cartel agreements, abuse of market dominance or monopolization, and mergers and acquisitions among undertakings that lessen market completion;
  2. Industry studies aiming to help understand the competition landscape and industry dynamics, detect business conducts that are harmful to competition and consumers in Hong Kong;
  3. Theoretical and empirical research on government regulation of natural monopolies; and
  4. Interaction of competition policy with other policies (such as intellectual property rights protection, and consumer protection)