Our Experienced Faculty Team

Most of the faculty members of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences hold doctoral degrees in Computer Sciences, Operations Management and Management Science, and all are champions of leading edge education with diverse backgrounds and teaching interests centred on databases, data warehouses, programming, artificial intelligence, statistics, mathematics and operations management.

Benefiting from our research activities, our high-quality application-oriented experience and Lingnan University’s quality assurance system, the Department provides high-quality education services to all of the relevant undergraduate- and postgraduate-level programmes at Lingnan University.

Prof. LENG MingMing

Dean, Professor

Prof. WONG Man Leung

Professor & Head

Prof. LIANG Liping

Associate Professor

Prof. SHANG Weixin

Associate Professor

Prof. Hui Wan Yee

Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. XIE Haoran

Associate Professor

Prof. ZHANG Dian

Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. SEETO Wing Kuen

Associate Professor

Prof. CHIU Hon Wing, Billy

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kester LEE

Research Assistant Professor

Mr. CHUNG Chi Wai

Part-time Lecturer

Mr. LAM Wing Lun Alan


Mr. LAI Kee Hong

Part-time Lecturer


The upcoming intake of the students will start in September of the coming academic year.