Major programme

The major programme consists of 16 Major courses, 9 Core Curriculum courses, 6 Language Enhancement courses and 9 Free Electives.

In the Major, there are 6 required elementary courses that will allow the students to establish a strong foundation in computer science, statistics, mathematics, and artificial intelligence.

From the 6 required intermediate courses, you will be able to learn the knowledge of databases, data warehouses, data structures, object-oriented programming, simulation, quantitative decision-making, data mining and machine learning.

Among the elective courses (categorised into application-oriented courses and advanced-level courses based on their nature), you will be able to take at least 3 courses.

Curriculum structure

Data Science CapStone

In the capstone course, the students will learn the approaches and methods to apply knowledge learnt from the elementary and intermediate courses to problems that arise in Science, Social Science, Arts, and Business.
Captstone course


The upcoming intake of the students will start in September of the coming academic year.