LEO Dr David P. Chan Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science Programme

(JUPAS code: JS7225)

Data science is an emerging interdisciplinary field that integrates knowledge and skills from computer science, statistics/mathematics and artificial intelligence with critical and out-of-the box thinking to process big datasets with different formats from various sources.

Emphasises a balanced coverage of subjects in computer science, statistics/mathematics and artificial intelligence resting on a liberal arts foundation.

Focuses on applications in different fields in science, social science, arts and business.

The Major programme contains 13 required courses, including 3 computer science courses, 3 artificial intelligence courses, 6 statistics/mathematics courses and 1 capstone course.

  • Practitioners in the science, social science, arts and business domains will be invited to share their experience in applying the data science approaches to solving problems in their respective domains
  • The students also have to take at least 3 elective courses that are either application-oriented courses or advanced-level courses

The Department of Computing and Decision Sciences itself has conducted a market survey of practitioners in the IT, e-Business, education, banking and government sectors and a survey of potential students in different countries/regions. The survey results indicate good job prospects for future graduates and substantial demand for Data Science programmes.

Professional Courses

Designed by a group of professional people with academic backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Marketing, Cultural Studies, etc.

Experienced Educators

Champions of cutting-edge education with outstanding teaching achievements

Practical Training

Enabling thinking through the potential of data in society and in different contexts

Career Prospects

Becoming future data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, business translators, project managers, database administrators, data engineers, and systems developers

10 + Teachers
Top Asian Liberal Arts University

Our Featured courses

Students will learn the approaches and methods to apply knowledge learnt from the courses to problems that arise in Business, Science, Social Science, and Arts.

Years 1-2

Required elementary courses

Strong foundation in computer science, statistics, mathematics, and artificial intelligence

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Years 2-3

Required intermediate courses

Data-related courses, programming, simulation, quantitative decision-making, and machine learning

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Year 3

Capstone course

Hands-on experience with real-world data analysis. Critical thinking to analyze problems

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Years 3-4

Application-oriented courses

Data Science Project Management, Marketing Analytics, Web Technologies and Social Networks

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Year 4

Advanced-level courses

Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Stochastic Process, and Optimization

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Years 1-4

Liberal Arts curriculum

Core Curriculum courses, language enhancement courses, and free electives

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Some of our distinguished professors

Faculty members in the department are committed to teaching excellence and play an important role in the LEO Dr David P. Chan Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science Programme.

Prof LENG MingMing

Dean, Professor

Prof WONG Man-leung

Head of Department


Programme Admissions Officer


The upcoming intake of the students will start in September of the coming academic year.