Increasing demand for data scientists, data analysts & business analysts

A recent report from McKinsey Global Institute finds that the shortfalls of data scientists and business translators in the United States (US) are approximately 250,000 and 4 million respectively.


Worldwide trend for universities

Many universities in the US have made huge investments in establishing new programmes for training data scientists and other related professionals. For example, Rice University launched a data science initiative with ~ US$45 million.


Data Science in Liberal Arts

The liberal arts training offered by LU which requires students to think critically and creatively and communicate effectively across different disciplines will enhance graduates’ ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and in different types of organisations beyond information technology (IT) companies.


Wide spectrum of courses

Students can take courses that explore the role of data and digital technologies in society in cultural studies, familiarise themselves with the expediency of data in governance in social science and explore new media aesthetics and data visualisation in visual studies.


Well-equipped with desirable graduate attributes

Being able to think through the potential of data in society and in different contexts will enhance the creativity of graduates in developing new solutions and applications.


Astounding capstone course

In the capstone course "Best Practices of Data Science", it will discusses data science problems in different domains, the best approaches to addressing them, the appropriate methods of extracting results for users and the right process to implement the results.


The upcoming intake of the students will start in September of the coming academic year.