The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

Minor in Korean Language and Culture

This Minor programme aims to introduce students to the Korean language and culture, by equipping them with effective communication skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening as well as by increasing their exposure to the cultural characteristics of Korea. This Minor programme would also complement what students are doing in a wide variety of disciplines, and provide them with new perspectives to gauge their understanding of a country with increasing cultural and economic influence on the world.

The Centre for English and Additional Languages offers the Minor in Korean Language and Culture. This Minor programme is open to all undergraduate students.

Students may qualify for the Minor in Korean Language and Culture after successful completion of 15 credits of courses as detailed below:

Required Courses (6 credits)


Elective Courses (Any 3 courses, 9 credits)


* According to the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes, at most two cluster courses can be double counted to fulfill both the requirement of the Core Curriculum and the requirement of any Minor programme.


(Effective from the academic year 2023-2024)