The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

English Enhancement Courses

CEAL offers an English enhancement course designed to enhance participants’ English proficiency through a step-by-step, theme-based, integrated approach. For more information, including a description of the course, learning outcomes, assessment methods and more, please access the links below.

    No.Credits: 0        Weekly Contact Hours: 2        Terms Offered: 2

    Course Description

    This course will teach you the essentials and fundamentals of the English language, so that you can equip yourself with a better knowledge and awareness of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation features, as well as writing, speaking and listening strategies, in addition to enhancing your independent learning skills through a substantial online and homework component. While IELTS is a graduation requirement at the university, PASSWORD can be regarded as an indicator of your progress in mastering the English language skills. This course is designed to help you make substantial gains in your fundamental language skills with the hope of leading you to achieve better scores in both language tests.

    Course Outline

    Note: This enhancement course is for those who score 5.5 (overall band) or below in their first attempt at taking the PASSWORD English Test or equivalent standard.