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Karaoké en français:
Liens utiles pour le Karaoké ou la chanson française:

Écoute : La littérature française

Les médias français ou francophones pour les étudiants du français :

A very interesting and rich site which proposes all kinds of activities including: radio and TV online; songs; interactive dictations; online dictionaries, press articles, quizzes, etc.

In particular :

  • RFI (Radio France International)
    Exercises on radio news + listening with script (on the main page, select “Langue Francaise”; you are then given several items of news at various levels (e.g. “Francais facile” to read and listen to with exercises; key words used in the news appear in a loop at the top of the screen; if you select one of them, an explanation of the meaning of the word will appear) (Recommandé)

(look out for the games)

Journaux et magazines:

  • Le Monde (one of the most reliable sources of information in France):
    Le Monde diplomatique which is an English weekly version of Le Monde is also available at Lingnan library.
  • Journal français édité aux U.S.A.:
  • Le magazine hebdomadaire Télérama (includes not only the TV weekly programme, but many very interesting cultural features):,41942.php
  • Very useful and interesting French magazines available at Lingnan library
    • Francophonies du sud               
    • Le Nouvel observateur  
    • Okapi   
    • Paroles (in Chinese and French)            
    • Le Français dans le Monde

Des sites de référence:.

  • L’AFLE (Association Français Langue Étrangère): (The Association of Teachers of French in Hong Kong and Macau). Its mission is to help, coordinate and promote the teaching and learning of French in Hong Kong and Macau. Check out all the activities on offer as well as the reasons why you should learn French at: (New)
  • Vupar : La France vue par les Américains, les Anglais, les Italiens…
    (French people seen by other nations):