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Japanese Writing System


Japanese Characters; Hiragana &Katakana

  • Japan Foundation MARUGOTO plus Hiragana
  • Japan Foundation MARUGOTO plus Katakana
  • International Christian University


    Hiragana& Katakana Quizzes

  • Hiragana Katakana Quiz
  • GENKI Hiragana Listening Quiz
  • GENKI Katakana Listening Quiz
  • Hiragana Drag-n-Drop
  • Katakana Drag-n-Drop


    Kanji (Chinese Characters)

  • Japan Foundation MARUGOTO plus Kanji


    How to Display and Type Japanese on Your Computer



    Listening & Speaking

  •  「エリンが挑戦 日本語できます」 Japan Foundation
  •  Survival Japanese
  • 「ちまたの日本語」 “Real World” Japanese
  •  NHK WORLD Japanese Lessons
  • Japan Foundation「JF Japanese e-Learning e みなと」
  • TUFS Language Modules
  • Osaka University Self-Study Site
  • Listening Quiz for JLPT N4 level
  • 有气无气/有声无声 日语同汉语的差异


    Specific Japanese

  •  Japanese for nursing and care-work  Japan Foundation


    Reading Tool & Vocabulary

  • Pop Jisho (pop up dictionary tool)
  •  ひらがなめがね (convert Kanji and website to Hiragana)



  • Visualizing Japanese Grammar



  • Joyo Kanji dictionary


    Reading Material

  •  Hiragana Times
  • Click Japan (about Japanese Culture and People)


    Video Material



    Japanese News

  • NHK
  • TBS
  • Ashahi
  • Yomiuri
  • Nikkei