The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

Board of the English Language Enhancement Programme and Curriculum Committee (ELE PCC)

Terms of reference


  1. To oversee the provision of the compulsory English Language Enhancement (ELE) programme including, inter alia, the design, implementation and review of the course curricula and the achievement of intended student learning outcomes.
  2. To coordinate programme matters in conjunction with the offering units concerned.
  3. To report to the Academic Quality Assurance Committee for Undergraduate and Subdegree Programmes on the progress, review and development of the compulsory ELE courses.
  4. To deal with all other matters related to the ELE programme and relevant language enhancement initiatives.




Chairman : To be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Chairman of the AQAC
Members : One academic staff representative from each Faculty


Heads of the offering units


Course Coordinators of the compulsory ELE courses


One student representative nominated by the Students’ Union


One student representative from each Faculty nominated by the relevant


Faculty student association

Observers: All language enhancement liaison officers from academic departments
Secretary : To be appointed by the Chairman in consultation with the Faculty of Arts