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Master of Science in International and Development Economics (MIDE)
Duration and Structure
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Full time: One year (Total of 2 semesters) or
Part time: Two years (Total of 4 semesters)

Programme Structure:
Each student should complete 30 credits (This means ten 3-credit courses must be completed) before graduation, including 5 required courses and 5 elective courses in 3 categories.

Required (5 required courses, each course consists of 3 credits and 15 credits in total):

  1. Microeconomics for Development
  2. Macroeconomics for Development
  3. Development Economics
  4. International Trade
  5. Current Issues in International and Development Economics

Electives (A student must choose 5 courses from 3 categories of courses, but at least one course must be chosen from each category. Each course consists of 3 credits. Therefore, a total of 15 credits must be completed.):

International Cluster (at least two courses)

  1. International Money and Finance (share with MIBF)
  2. Globalization and Economic Development
  3. China and World Economy
  4. International Political Economy

Development and Related Cluster (at least two courses)

  1. The Belt and Road Initiative: History, Politics, Economy and Society
  2. China’s Regional Economic Development
  3. Political Economy of Economic Development
  4. Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development

Methodology Cluster (at least one course)

  1. Research Methods
  2. Financial Econometrics I (share with MIBF)
  3. Financial Econometrics II (share with MIBF)

This programme mainly uses Chinese as a medium for teaching and assessment, supplemented with English. Students can also opt to submit their reports or answers to exam questions in Chinese. Some courses may be provided in Chinese or English depending on the student’s demand.