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Master of Science in International and Development Economics (MIDE)
Entrance Requirements
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To be eligible for entry into this programme, each applicant should have:

  • a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university normally with honours not lower than Second Class; OR
  • graduated from an honours programme of a recognized university with a Bachelor’s degree, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than “B” in undergraduate courses;
  • completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications equivalent to an honours degree.

If applicants whose bachelor's degree is obtained from an institution where the medium of instruction is not English, applicants are required to submit any English proficiency test scores (eg. IELTS, TOEFL) or other equivalent qualifications in English.

Applicants whose first language is not Chinese may be invited to attend an admission interview provided by the Admission Committee.

Applicants will be given first priority to be considered if their CVs and interviews demonstrate leadership skills and show at least 10 years of working experience.

*Applicants holding an ‘equivalent qualifications’ and with relevant experiences may be invited to attend an admission interview,