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Master of Science in International and Development Economics (MIDE)
Objectives and Features
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Master of Science in International and Development Economics is the first taught master programme in Hong Kong that is mainly instructed in Chinese Mandarin * and specializes in the Belt and Road Initiative and Economic Development (Particularly regarding economic development in the Bay Area). The programme aims to provide students with interdisciplinary training mainly in the fields of economics and finance. The design of this programme also allows students to explore their subject interests and gain insight into the latest economic, financial, social, political and environmental developments in areas along the Belt and Road Initiative and various Bay Areas from different perspectives.

The launch of the MIDE Programme is determined to nurture professionals who are in the fields of finance, banking, commerce and trading services, public services, academic research and other professional services, and individuals who are interested in developing their careers in participating countries in the Belt and Road Initiative and different Bay Areas. Likewise, it is hoped that this programme will provide foreign students with a deeper understanding of China’s development and will offer them a chance to comprehensively understand the opportunities for future development in China. Thus, the programme will help students realize their full strength and gain a competitive advantage in the Chinese marketplace.

Apart from offering regular lessons, MIDE also:

  • Regularly invites renowned professional leaders in various industries and diplomats in mainland China/ Hong Kong to share the latest regional development in their expertise.
  • Provides students with field work opportunities to visit different regions along the Belt and Road Initiative and Bay Areas (in particular regarding the Free Trade Zone) in China.
  • Offers internship opportunities at enterprises and companies.

The Programme integrates theory with practical experience and is suitable for applicants who have business experience.

Graduates of MIDE may apply for the dual-degree programme which is jointly co-lanuched with the Faculty of Business, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

* Some courses may be provided in Chinese or English depending on the student’s demand.