Centre for Film and Creative Industries (CFCI)

Affiliated with the Department of Visual Studies, CFCI (formerly known as Centre for Cinema Studies) is a centre devoted to research on creative and media industries, film history, and visual art. Our core members come from the Department of Visual Studies, and contribute interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of film, media and visual art. To advance the research on creative and media industries and step up the impact of CFCI, in early 2021 we co-launched a Master of Arts in Creative and Media Industries with the Department of Philosophy.

In recent years CFCI has gained a global presence in the fields of film history and media industry, two of our research foci. We have collaborated with international institutions on various projects, including “Globalizing and Enhancing the Media History Digital Library” with the University of Wisconsin-Madison; we also initiated an international symposium and masterclass on media industries in 2018, and have become a member of the editorial collective of Media Industries Journal.

Our faculty members’ current research projects cover a wide range of subjects along the axes of film history and media/creative industries. They include colonial regulation and early film exhibition in Hong Kong, East Asian screen industries, transnational film exchange and the PRC (1978-1993), early Chinese cinema, Taiwan cinema, performance art in Asia since the 1990s, artistic autonomy and postsocialist affect in China (1985-1995), queer media cultures in Asia, and a comparative study on the film/media policies in East Asia.