Prof. LAU Shiu-ming, Joseph 劉紹銘教授

Emeritus Professor 榮休講座教授

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Academic Qualifications: BA (National Taiwan), PhD (Indiana)
Research Interests: Translation, Comparative Literature, Modern Chinese Literature


In English 英文著作

2000 Co-editor (with Prof. John Minford), Classical Chinese Literature: An Anthology of Translations (Vol. I: From Antiquity to the Tang Dynasty), co-published by the Chinese University Press (Hong Kong) and Columbia University Press (New York)
1995 Co-editor (with Prof. Howard Goldblatt), The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature, New York: Columbia University Press
1983 Editor, The Unbroken Chain: An Anthology of Taiwan Fiction since 1926, Bloomington: Indiana University Press
1981 Co-editor (with C. T. Hsia and Leo Ou-fan Lee), Modern Chinese Stories & Novellas: 1919-1949, New York: Columbia University Press
1980 Co-trans. (with Christopher Rand), The Wilderness (four-act play by Ts'ao Yu), Bloomington: Indiana University Press
1978 Co-editor (with Y. W. Ma), Traditional Chinese Stories: Themes & Variations, New York: Columbia University Press
1976 Editor, Chinese Stories from Taiwan: 1960-70, New York: Columbia University Press
1970 Ts'ao Yu: A Study in Literary Influence, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press

Articles in Books & Journals
1995 "Self-Translation: Author as Translator," in Encyclopaedia of Translation: Chinese-English/English-Chinese Translation, eds. Sin-wai Chan and David E. Pollard, Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press
1995 "More Than Putting Things Together: the Anthologizing of Chinese Literature in Translation," Translating Chinese Literature, eds. Yao-fu Lin and Eugene Eoyang, Bloomington: Indiana University Press
1995 "China Deconstructs: the Emergence of Counter-Traditions in Recent Chinese Writing," The Stockholm Journal of East Asian Studies, Sweden: Stockholm University, Volume 5
1995 "'Discoverism': Translation as Endorsement," Translation Quarterly, No. 2, June
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1994 "Translating from Translation: the Story of Regeneration," in Translation and Interpretation: Bridging East and West, eds. Richard K. Seymour and C. C. Liu, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Hawaii and the East West Center
1993 "Visitation of the Past in Han Shaogong's Post-1985 Fiction," in From May Fourth to June Fourth: Film and Fiction in 20th Century China, ed. Ellen Widmer and David D. W. Wang, Cambridge: Harvard University Press
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1990 "Text and Context: Toward a Commonwealth of Modern Chinese Literature," in Worlds Apart: Recent Chinese Writing and its Audience," ed. Howard Goldblatt, Armonk: M. E. Sharpe
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1983 "Echoes of the May Fourth Movement in Taiwan's Hsiang-t'u Fiction," Mainland China, Taiwan, and U.S. Policy, ed. Hung-mao Tien, Cambridge, Ma.: OG&H Publishers
1982 "The Wounded and the Fatigued: Reflections on Post-1976 Chinese Fiction," Journal of Oriental Studies, Vol. 20, No. 2
1981 "The Tropics Mythopoetized: The Extraterritorial Writing of Li Yung-p'ing in the context of the Hsiang-t'u Movement," Tamkang Review, Fall
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1970 "The Saint as Sinner: Paradoxes of Love and Virtue in The Predestined Couple," Tamkang Review, April
1969 "The Noble Savage as a Rejuvenative Symbol," Chung Chi Journal, May
1969 "Peking Man and Ivanov: Portraits of Two Superfluous Men," Contemporary Literature, Winter
1967 "Sunrise and Cherry Orchard: A Comparative Study," Modern Drama, February
1966 "Two Emancipated Phaedras," Journal of Asian Studies, August

In Chinese 中文著作

1991 George Orwell 原著, 《一九八四》 (Nineteen Eighty-Four), 台北:三民(再版)
1984 George Orwell 原著, 《一九八四》 (Nineteen Eighty-Four), 台北:皇冠
1979 C. T. Hsia (夏志清)原著, 《中國現代小說史》 (History of Modern Chinese Fiction), (編譯), 香港:聯合
1972 Isaac Bashevis Singer 原著, 《傻子金寶》(Gimpel the Fool and Other Stories), 台北:大地
1971 Bernard Malamud 原著, 《夥計》(The Assistant), 香港:今日世界
1971 Saul Bellow 原著, 《何索》 (Herzog) (co-trans.), 香港:今日世界
1970 Bernard Malamud 原著, 《魔桶》 (The Magic Barrel), 香港:今日世界

1983 《渺渺唐山》,台北:九歌
1981 《唐人街的小說世畀》,台北:九歌
1977 《小說與戲劇》,台北:洪範

2001 《舊時香港》,香港:牛津出版社
1997 《童年雜憶‧吃馬鈴薯的日子》,香港:三聯
1995 《偷窺天國》,台北:三民
1995 《香港因緣》,香港:天地
1993 《靈魂的按摩》,台北:三民
1992 《未能忘情》,台北:三民
1990 《細微的一炷香》,台北:三民
1989 《獨留香水向黃昏》,台北:九歌
1987 《半仙‧如半仙》,香港:華漢
1987 《遣愚衷》,香港:三聯
1986 《吃馬鈴薯的日子》,台北:大地(再版)
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1984 《隨筆與雜文》,台北:正中
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1979 《傳香火》,台北:大地
1970 《吃馬鈴薯的日子》,台北:晨鐘

1997 《二殘遊記》,香港:天地 (再版)
1987 《二殘遊記續篇》,台北:時報
1986 《九七香港浪遊記》,台北:時報
1976 《二殘遊記》,台北:洪範

1998 《武俠小說論卷》上下冊(與陳永明合編),香港:明河社
1987 《世界中文小說選》上下冊(與馬漢茂合編),台北:時報出版社
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