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pdf 四年制課程



課程編號 課程名稱  
pdf CHI2105 中國現代文學 Modern Chinese Literature
pdf CHI2107 文學概論 Introduction to Literature
pdf CHI2111 文字學 Chinese Etymology
pdf CHI2112 音韻學 Chinese Phonology
pdf CHI2113 古典文學史 Classical Chinese Literary History
pdf CHI2114 各體文類習作 Modes of Chinese Writing
pdf CHI2115 研究方法與參考文獻 Research Methodology and Bibliography in Chinese Studies
pdf CHI3001 方言與中國文化 The Chinese Dialects and Culture
pdf CHI3002 語言學理論與漢語語法 Linguistic Theories and Modern Chinese Grammar
pdf CHI3151 比較文學導論 Introduction to Comparative Literature
pdf CHI3201 新詩研究 Modern Chinese Poetry
pdf CHI3202 兒童文學研究與寫作 Children Literature: Study and Writing
pdf CHI3203 文學與戲劇 Literature and Modern Drama
pdf CHI3206 中國古典文學名著選讀 Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Literary Masterpieces
pdf CHI3207 中國當代文學 Contemporary Chinese Literature (1950 - present)
pdf CHI3209 臺灣文學 Taiwan Literature
pdf CHI3216 現代漢語 Modern Chinese Language
pdf CHI3219 中文文學創作 Creative Writing in Chinese
pdf CHI3221 明清戲曲 Ming-Qing Drama
pdf CHI3231 古典文學批評 Classical Literary Criticism
pdf CHI3232 現代文學批評 Modern Literary Criticism
pdf CHI3233 古代漢語概論 Introduction to Classical Chinese
pdf CHI3234 古典詩詞 Classical Chinese Poetry
pdf CHI3235 歷代散文 Classical Chinese Prose
pdf CHI3236 古典小說 Classical Chinese Fiction
pdf CHI3237 新聞寫作 News Writing
pdf CHI3238 傳媒寫作 Media Writing
pdf CHI3239 古典戲曲 Classical Chinese Drama
pdf CHI3240 文學與電影 Literature and Cinema
pdf CHI3241 香港文學 Hong Kong Literature
pdf CHI4301 指導論文 Directed Thesis
pdf CHI4305 神話與文學 Myth in Literature
pdf CHI4308 儒家思想與中國文學 Confucianism and Chinese Literature
pdf CHI4321 古典詩選 Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry
pdf CHI4322 詞選 Selected Readings in Ci Poetry
pdf CHI4323 元曲選 Selected Readings in Yuan Qu
pdf CHI4325 明清小說選 Selected Readings in Ming-Qing Fiction
pdf CHI4327 中國現代文學作品選讀 Selected Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
pdf CHI4328 古代漢語語法專題 Special Topics in Classical Chinese Grammar
pdf CHI4329 中國文學專題 Special Topics in Chinese Literature
pdf CHI4330 中國語言學專題 Special Topics in Chinese Language
pdf CHI4331 中文文書寫作:公關與廣告 Chinese Documentary Writing: Public Relations and Advertising
pdf CHI4332 古典散文選 Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Prose
pdf CHI4333 現代散文選 Selected Readings in Modern Chinese Prose
pdf CHI4334 現當代文學專題 Special Topics in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature
pdf CHI4335 比較文學專題 Special Topics in Comparative Literature
pdf CHI4336 經典研讀 Selected Works in Chinese Classics
pdf CHI4340 外國文學選讀 Selected Readings in World Literature
pdf CHI4341 古文字學專題 Special Topics in Chinese Paleography
pdf CHI4342 香港文學與香港文化專題 Special Topics in Hong Kong Literature and Hong Kong Culture
pdf CHI4343 中文寫作專題 Special Topic in Chinese Writing
pdf CHI4344 小說專題 Special Topics in Chinese Fiction
pdf CHI4345 佛家思想與中國文學 Buddhism and Chinese Literature
pdf CHI4346 道家思想與中國文學 Daoism and Chinese Literature