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「文學 • 電影 • 藝術」公開講座暨《香港文學與電影》新書發佈會
Open Lecture: Literature, Cinema, and Art & Book Launch for Hong Kong Literature and Cinema


文學 • 電影 • 藝術
Literautre, Cinema, and Art


4 February 2012


3:30 p.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.


Kubrick Bookstore (Yau Ma Tei)


Prof. Leo LEE Ou-fan

Mr. LAW Kar

Mr. Ben Wong King-fai

Dr. Mary Wong Suk-han

Mr. Matthew CHENG Ching-hang

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On February 4th, the Centre for Humanities Research of Lingnan University launched Hong Kong Literature and Cinema at Kubrick Bookstore (Yau Ma Tei). Prof. Leo Lee Ou-fan, Mr. Law Kar, Mr. Ben Wong, and Dr. Mary Wong Shuk-han were invited to launch the book for us, and at the same time voice their views on the topic of the launch talk "Literautre, Cinema, and Art", exploring how literature and films mutually aspired. The thirteen articles of this book showcase various historical and aesthetic relationships between films and literature, its unique point of view on the one hand bringing forth new topic for the studies of Hong Kong literature, and on the other, providing new teaching materials for filmic education. At the launch, Dr. Wong reviewed the development of the studies on the relationship between literature and cinema in Hong Kong; Mr. Law Kar talked about the relationship between lyricism and filmic texts; Prof. Lee revealed how he was inspired by literature and films; Mr. Wong expressed his opinion on the similarities and differences between the two media from the perspective of writing. The four speakers' disparate yet intriguing viewpoints brought to the full house a inspiring dialogue.

Dr. Wong was also invited to join the reading club that was held by the Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture of the Hong Kong Institute of Education on February 7th. Dr. Wong gave an introductory review of the book to the cordial readers. Favourable and thought-provoking comments from Prof. Chan Kwok-kou, Dr. Chan Chi-tak, and Dr. Au Chung-to were also memorable to the audience.





Hong Kong literature and cinema share manifold links. There have been active collaborations between literati and filmmakers. Literary adaptation has a paramount position in the history of Hong Kong cinema. The reciprocal aspiration between literature and cinema has become a cultural character of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Literature and Cinema profiles the cultural landscape of the city, covering the first “Clean-up Movement in Film”, the left-right opposition in the 1950s, the surge of youth culture and Western culture in the 1960s, the rise of local culture in the 1970s, and the popular culture in the 1980s. It articulates how literary works and films narrated their responses to these cultural issues and how the two genres mutually influenced each other. 

The academia is trying to introduce cinema studies to the teaching of humanities courses. High schools also try to design new courses of literature and cinema to integrate into their new curriculum. It is in this context the publication of this book is particularly significant. It brings forth many informative propositions about the education of literature and cinema. 

The book consists of academic studies from 13 renowned local and overseas scholars on the relations of films and literature, their genres and forms, as well as the individual authors, covering such diverse fields as cultural politics, historical reflections, and the rediscovery of historical materials. Their works showcase the many methodologies of film and literature research. 

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