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Outstanding funding results

The University achieved outstanding results in the 2018/19 funding exercises of the General Research Fund (GRF), the Early Career Scheme (ECS) and the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS).


The University successfully obtained funding support for six GRF and eight ECS projects, which totalled roughly HK$4.5 million. Lingnan obtained funding for ECS projects at a total amount of HK$2.9 million, which was more than doubled compared to the previous year’s results.


For ECS applications, the University topped the chart, with eight out of 12 proposals (66.7%) succeeding in obtaining funding—a success rate considerably higher than the sector-wide average of 40.2%. The University also came first in the Humanities and Social Sciences Panel, with an application success rate of 83.3% compared to the sector-wide average of 38.1%. In the subject discipline of Humanities and Arts under the Panel, all four proposals submitted by the University succeeded in obtaining funding, achieving a remarkable application success rate of 100% compared to the sector-wide average of 48.7%. With a total funding amount of HK$1.5 million, Lingnan ranked the second among other institutions in terms of funds obtained in this discipline.


As regards the HSSPFS, the University’s application success rate was 50%, with one of only seven successful projects among the 22 applications from all eight UGC-funded universities.


Outstanding funding results