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Lingnan Developments

Two new interdisciplinary programmes to be launched

To implement the strategic goals of the University and respond to the changing needs of society, two new interdisciplinary programmes, namely Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Global Liberal Arts and LEO Dr David P. Chan Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Data Science, will be launched in 2019/20.


In response to globalisation and development of smart cities, these two new programmes aim to nurture young people to develop forward-looking global vision in different disciplines such as arts, science, business and social science. Students enrolling in this programme will visit at least two of the world’s top universities in Europe, America, Asia or other regions for exchanges during the study period. They will also conduct research projects at Lingnan and overseas institutions under the guidance of experienced professors. Each student will be assigned an eminent individual in society as personal mentor who can provide professional advice and career counselling in different fields.