Mission & Vision

mission vission

Our Institute has four primary functions:

(1) provides education services,

(2) empowers researchers,

(3) cultivates new collaborations, and

(4) performs academic research in some selected areas of data science.


It is expected to have partnerships with the industry and other organizations. These kinds of collaborative research projects between academics, government, industrial and commercial corporations, and the wider public can invent innovative solutions to tackle the most pressing challenges and problems nowadays. Top-notch technologies, including AI, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, big data analytics, and innovative methodologies will be adopted.


In a world with a continually growing deluge of data, LEO Dr. David P. Chan Institute of Data Science provides data science education to the general public and different research communities to leverage data for high-impact results and cultivate new opportunities. Practitioners and researchers can gain insights from multiple perspectives and create new possibilities for collaborations with the industry and the Hong Kong Government. It will also and to disseminate new technologies and research findings to the broader community via knowledge and technology transfer activities.