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CHAN, Eva - Associate Director
As Head of the Application Development Section, Eva is responsible for managing the Enterprise Business applications, Enterprise Academic Applications, Web Sites and e-Learning, and the Emerging Technologies Teams. She also oversees the new and ongoing development of Banner ERP and its related projects, the myLingnan Portal and introduces new IT innovations to align with the strategic planning of ITSC to meet the University's objectives.
Staff Location  MB401/4            
Staff Extension  2616-8495            
Staff Email  [email protected]
CHAN Shek-hin, Gregory - Administrative Officer
Gregory provides administrative support to the preparation of annual budget exercise, meetings and events, as well as compiling management reports. Gregory also acts as the ITSC liaison person to the HR Office, Joint Universities Computer Centre, and other outside parties.
Staff Location  MB403/2            
Staff Extension  2616-8411            
Staff Email  [email protected]
CHEUNG Wai-man - Associate Director
As Head of the Infrastructure Services Section, Wai Man manages the Communication Network Services Team, the Cloud Infrastructure Team and the Network Security Team, the Virtualisation Services Team and the AV Services Team. He is responsible for overseeing the University’s network, server & desktop virtualisation, Cloud, network security and AV services, which include the operation, administration, planning, development, management and budget control of the AV system, LED display wall, cloud system, virtualisation system, data centres and LAN rooms, the network system, the IP Phone system, the Wi-Fi system, the email system, the directory service, the file and print system, the smart card control system, the Video Conferencing System, and the Internet infrastructure systems. He is also responsible for different IT infrastructure development projects for the University, as well as the VMware virtualisation infrastructure, IPv6 development, IP surveillance system and LED display walls. In addition, Wai Man participates in the JUCC Steering Group Meetings and assists the CIO to carry out the required follow up actions. He is also the Chairman of the JUCC Network Task Force.
Staff Location  MB203/2            
Staff Extension  2616-8403            
Staff Email  [email protected]
CHOI Ting-hei, Ronald - Information Manager
Ronald is the Team Leader of Emerging Technologies team and is responsible for providing advice and insight into solving business problems with the use of technology innovations. He is the primary contact on student admission-related systems and is involved in the development of the Online Admission System (OAS), as well as various systems in facilitating student exchange programmes in liaison with OGE. He is also in charge of system integration with external systems such as Lingnan Scholars, Alma, UniHub and Smart card Issuance System to ensure the smooth running of daily operations.
Staff Location  MB401/3            
Staff Extension  2616-8413            
Staff Email  [email protected]
FUNG, Kwok-leung, Ray - Network Architect
As the team leader of the Network Security Team, Ray is responsible for the planning, deployment and management of the network security platforms and security control policy development, and incident response operation. He is also responsible for the planning, introducing and evaluating the new IT security systems for the continuous improvement of campus-wide IT security protection.
Staff Location  MB203/3            
Staff Extension  2616-8460            
Staff Email  [email protected]
HO Chun Yuen, Raymond - Assistant Information Manager II
Raymond is the Team Leader of the Application System Services team. He is responsible for managing the eLearning system, Bulk Mail Management System, Inventory Management System, and Smartcard Access Control Systems. This includes overseeing the card issuing system, virtual card system, and campus & carpark access control systems. Additionally, he maintains programming interfaces, such as APIs, between Banner and various systems, such as the Identity Access Management System (IAM), DUO platform, Active Directory, and Smartcard systems. Furthermore, he manages the supporting services for congregation e-ticket generation, Banner account provisioning, and HKAF authentication.
Staff Location  MB403            
Staff Extension  2616-8684            
Staff Email  [email protected]
HUI Lung Shan, Felix - Assistant Information Manager I
Felix is the Team Leader of the User Services team. He is responsible for overseeing the team operations, team budget expenditures, project expenditures, inventory management and team supporting duties of User Services. He also manages service desk enquiries, statistic report compilation including those from hotline, service counter walk-in, email and service desk system, manpower resources of User Services team in supporting daily operations, IT AV equipment on-loan, on-site classroom support, on-site end-user support, event support and remote centre support services. Besides, he manages and plans the user training programs, notebook ownership program, IT service announcement/notices and service catalogue updates as well as the update planning of the hardware and software, end-user application and Microsoft Windows.
Staff Location  MB403            
Staff Extension  2616-8407            
Staff Email  [email protected]
KWOK Kwun-yip, Terence - Senior Information Manager
Terence is the Team Leader of the Enterprise Business Applications Team. His team provides support to all Finance-related processes, including Student Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Purchase and Procurement, Payroll and Staff Cost Projections. e-Tendering; Medical and Dental Administration, Payroll, Cornerstone HRMS, HR-related systems namely eLeave, eOutside Practice, eGift/Advantage, eCommunity Service and e-Training, etc. Terence is also in-charge of the development of Business Analytics including Data Repository and Annual reporting, Teaching Load; and the JUCC BlockChain project.
Staff Location  MB401/7            
Staff Extension  2616-8414            
Staff Email  [email protected]
LAM Hon-yee, Joyce - Senior Information Manager
Joyce is the Team Leader of the Web Sites and e-Learning Team. She oversees the daily operations of the web services, including Lingnan's main web sites and other departmental web sites, myLingnan Portal; and University e-Learning platform including Moodle and its external plugins, Panapto, Turnitin, iThenticate, etc.; the applications on the LU Mobile apps and some packaged softwares such as the Photo Gallery. She is also responsible for supporting the Banner Alumni and Donor Management and its related application developments; as well as student-related systems namely Special Education Needs, PASSWORD Test, and Early Student Alert, etc.
Staff Location  MB401/5            
Staff Extension  2616-8397            
Staff Email  [email protected]
LAM Mei-chun, Louisa - Chief Information Officer and University Librarian
Reporting to the Vice-President, Louisa’s primary responsibility as the Chief Information Officer and University Librarian is to provide vision and strategic leadership in leveraging the latest information technologies to provide excellent IT services to support the mission and vision of the University. She will direct the development and oversee the management of different units in ITSC and partner with different academic and administrative units of the University to introduce the best IT initiatives to the community. All University members are welcome to tell her in what way ITSC can do better to serve their needs.
Staff Location  MB403/2/1            
Staff Extension  2616-8545            
Staff Email  [email protected]
LAU Tak Ming, Hugo - Senior System Architect
Hugo is the Team Leader of the Server Management team. He is responsible for managing the server systems, which includes system monitoring and maintenance, security patching and deployments, server backup and restoration, and server and system licensing management. He also administers the server SSL, web server system, Advanced Certificate Verification Platform (ACVP) system, and SSO integration system. In addition, he supports and plans for the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) service, as well as system audits and upgrades.
Staff Location  MB403            
Staff Extension  2616-8404            
Staff Email  [email protected]
LAU Wai-wa, Alex - System Specialist
Alex is the team leader of the Cloud Infrastructure Team. He is responsible for the design, evaluation, recommendation, deployment and troubleshooting issues of O365 services as well as Exchange online (EXO), SharePoint online (SPO), Teams, M365 Security and Compliance. He is also responsible for on-premise active directory, account management, federation services and file sharing system and provide cloud platform of DR scenario and cloud container for latest computing technology to the University.
Staff Location  MB203/6            
Staff Extension  2616-8416            
Staff Email  [email protected]
LI Chi-keung, Dominic - Information Security Manager
Reporting to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Information Security (IS) Manager works closely with other Section Heads and team leaders of ITSC to achieve the highest level of information security in Campus. Dominic is responsible for providing strategic and technical policy development and direction on information systems security controls to the Lingnan community. In addition, he is responsible for identifying risks of the University’s information systems by monitoring, detection, and analysis of potential threats and vulnerabilities.
Staff Location  MB401/2            
Staff Extension  2616-8401            
Staff Email  [email protected]
SZETO Man-kit - Information Manager
Kit is the team leader of the Database Services team. He is responsible for maintaining and administering the Banner hardware and server systems, the Banner EIS and portal system, the Degree Works system, the Business Intelligence system, the online admission system, the online reporting system, and the relational database system associated with these systems. His responsibilities include providing IT capacity and performance planning, as well as business continuity planning for the aforementioned systems, in order to ensure reliable system operations and maximize operational efficiency. In addition, he is responsible for managing supporting services such as software patching, configuration, and upgrade of the Banner-related systems, conducting business continuity drills and finance audits, performing database design, migration, and backup & recovery of the RDBMS.
Staff Location  MB403            
Staff Extension  2616-8421            
Staff Email  [email protected]
WONG Kit-pui - Information Manager
KP is the team leader of Virtualization Services Team. He oversees the planning, evaluation, implementation and management of the server virtualization and desktop virtualization infrastructure, hyper-converge infrastructure (HCI), VMware vSphere infrastructure, SAN storage and SAN switches, backup and recovery systems, off-site data backup and recovery organization, server patching and upgrade, life cycle management of virtual machines and high performance computing platform. He also assists the Head of Infrastructure Services Section (ISS) to develop, maintain, review and improve the policies and development strategies in the area of campus-wide IT infrastructure to align with the University’s long-term strategic plan. He also works closely with the Information Security Team to realize the continuous improvement of information security standard of the University’s IT infrastructure.
Staff Location  MB203/1            
Staff Extension  2616-8417            
Staff Email  [email protected]
WONG Siu-fung, Bennie - Associate Director
As head of the System and User Services Section, Bennie manages the Database Services Team, the Application System Services Team, the Server Management Team, the User Services Team and the Windows Client Server Management Team. He is responsible for overseeing the administration of the server Systems and the Database Management System (RDBMS) associated with the systems, the application programming interfaces between the systems, application systems and the application server hosting system infrastructure, server upgrade and patching of the systems, account provision services, campus-wide PC replacement exercise, IT asset management, client models development, IT and AV support for campus-wide events, remote site events, IT/AV on loan services, ITSC Helpdesk service and all front-line user services. He is also responsible for the planning and review of the annual Notebook Ownership Programme, the orientation programmes for staff and students, student helper management, and notebook distribution arrangement.
Staff Location  MB403/3            
Staff Extension  2616-8418            
Staff Email  [email protected]
WONG Wai-chung, Tommy - Senior Information Manager
Tommy is the Team Leader of the Enterprise Academic Applications Team. His team looks after the academic processes, including registration, academic records, examination and degree award, Degree Audit and Advising, Class and Examination Scheduling, JUPAS and Summer Institute Admission, Online Reporting, Hostel Application and Management Systems, Student Disciplinary System, etc. Tommy also manages the Enterprise HR system and the Term-end Course Teaching and Learning Evaluation exercise.
Staff Location  MB401/6            
Staff Extension  2616-8498            
Staff Email  [email protected]
Yiu Chung-shun, Max - Assistant Information Manager I
Max is the Team Leader of the Communication Network Team. He is responsible for the design, deployment and maintenance of Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure, IP phone system, Smart card controllers and readers, Network load balancing system and Network monitoring system. He is also responsible for the Internet link and HARNET, Fibre and UTP Cabling system, LAN rooms and Data Centre facilities management, as well as Network support services for Hostel residents and other offsite learning centres. He is also a member of the JUCC Network Task Force.
Staff Location  MB203            
Staff Extension  2616-8412            
Staff Email  [email protected]