Vehicular Access & Carpark

Driving in Lingnan

All roads within the Lingnan Campus are private roads. All drivers shall observe the rules and regulations of the University and the related ordinances, and the Code of Practice issued by the HKSAR Government. When driving on campus, drivers shall always yield to pedestrians who are crossing or waiting to cross a road.


Colleagues are recommended to approach the Campus Support Office for arranging parking spaces for their guests.

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Car Parks

Opening Hours

07:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Monday to Sunday, including Public Holidays

Location of Open Parking Spaces

Please click the button below to download the location map of open parking spaces

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Locations of Open Parking Spaces

Parking Charges

HK$20 per hour or part thereof

Vehicle leaves the campus within 30 minutes from its time of entry will be free of charge.


The above hourly charge may be adjusted by LU from time to time without prior notice.



Preferential Offer to Staff/Students/Alumni

  • Current staff
  • Students
  • Alumni

Register your Octopus Card at the security booth at the LU main entrance and present one of the cards below:

60% off, i.e. 8/hr
Guests of the University
  1. Colleague shall inform the Campus Support Office 2 working days in advance of the car plate number of the guest who stays on campus for business purpose.
  2. The Campus Support Office will issue a parking coupon to the guest upon his/her entry.
  3. Upon departure, the guest shall insert the parking coupon to the device at the vehicular exit and tap the Octopus Card on the card reader for the redemption of free parking.

Parking Permit

Colleagues and students might apply for parking permits for access and parking on campus by submitting a completed form with a non-refundable annual administrative fee. For details, please refer to the application form.


Application Forms for Parking Permit