Subsite Background

Catering Committee

Catering Committee 2023-24

Membership List




Prof CHAN, Chak Kwan Dickson
Research Professor,
Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies
Mr CHAN, Yiu Hong Eddy
Facilities Management Manager,
Office of Campus Development and Management
(Representing Director of Campus Development and Management)
Mr LIU, Kai Leung John
Business Manager

Finance Office

(Representing Director of Finance)
Ms WONG, Lai Chu Connie
Associate Director of Student Affairs
(Representing Director of Student Affairs)
Dr LAU, Tsing Erica
Staff Representative (Associate Director,
School of Graduate Studies)
Mr LAM, Chak Hung Justin
Staff Representative (Senior Lecturer,
Lingnan Institute of Further Education)
Dr ZHOU, Bo Victor
Warden of The Jockey Club Hall
Ms YAU, Cheuk Yi
Representative of Student Hostel
Mr SUNG, Hang
Representative of Postgraduate Student
Association Association
Mr LAI, Cheuk Yin
Representative of Students' Union
Co-opted Member
Mr CHAN, Chung Kai Roy
Administrative Manager, Registry
Mr FOK, Chun Yin Edwin
Assistant Student Affairs Manager II,
Office of Student Affairs


Summary of Discussion and the Decisions of Catering Committee

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