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Hostel Staff 2023/24

Each hostel has a warden, a senior tutor and a group of tutors who provide pastoral care and guidance for hostel residents, they help to develop hostel cultural by organizing hostel educational programmes. Hostel staff also help to handle disciplinary matters and uphold hostel rules and regulations. You can also view the booklet "Must Read : A Guide to Hostel Life 2023-24" PDF or Plain text version of the Handbook PDF


William M W Mong Hall The Bank of East Asia Hall 
(Commonly known by students as Hall A)

Prof AMOAH Padmore AduseiWardenHA1001[email protected]
Ms LU Ning, NancySenior TutorHA903[email protected]
CHAN Ying LinTutorHA717[email protected]
LIU Jiapeng JustinTutorHA617[email protected]
CHEUNG Shing To JasonTutorHA417[email protected]
WU ZeyingTutorHA317[email protected]


Tsung Tsin Association Hall Fok Cho Min Hall 
(Commonly known by students as Hall B)

Prof QI Suntong  WardenHB1001[email protected]
Mr CHAN Wing Fung, ChadSenior TutorHB903[email protected]
MOK Sui Ping KrystalTutorHB717[email protected]
HUNG Choi ManTutorHB617[email protected]
TSUI Sai Hang, DonaldTutorHB417[email protected]
KWOK Kin KwanTutorHB317[email protected]


Chung Shun Yee Min Hall (Commonly known by students as Hall C)

Prof LAU Chi PangWardenHC801[email protected]
Mr WONG Shiau AunSenior TutorHC802[email protected]
CHEUNG TungTutorHC617[email protected]
NG Wing KiTutorHC517[email protected]
WONG Ka KiuTutorHC317[email protected]
SIT Wang LokTutorHC217[email protected] 


Lam Woo Hall (Commonly known by students as Hall D)

Prof. XIE HaoranWardenHD801[email protected]
Prof HUANG GenghuaSenior TutorHD802[email protected]
LAU Lai Ieng, JayTutorHD617[email protected]
YEUNG Hiu Yin Isabel  TutorHD517[email protected]
CHEN Pui HingTutorHD317[email protected]
LI Kin HoTutorHD217[email protected]


The Jockey Club Hall (Commonly known by students as Hall E)

Prof LI Dong HuiWardenHE901[email protected]
Ms WONG Suet Yi Snowie Senior TutorHE803[email protected]
MOK Ka Yan, MochaTutorHE618[email protected]
WANG Lin, JessieTutorHE518[email protected]
CHAN Yuen Tung, DavidTutorHE318[email protected]
WONG WillianTutorHE218[email protected]


The Jockey Club Hall (Commonly known by students as Hall F)

Dr ZHOU Bo, VictorWardenHF901[email protected]
Ms AU Wing Yin, VincySenior TutorHF803[email protected]
ZHOU MengyaTutorHF618[email protected]
WU Fung Yi, SusanTutorHF518[email protected]
YU Yeung, PeterTutorHF318[email protected]
WONG Yat LongTutorHF218[email protected]


The Jockey Club New Hall (Commonly known by students as Hall G)

Prof DU ChunmeiWardenHG901[email protected]
Ms LAU Pik Man Zelda Senior TutorHG902[email protected]
LIU Jian, CandyTutorHG903[email protected]
NG Aik MinTutorHG715[email protected]
LI Ziyi CarolineTutorHG515[email protected]
Ma Cheuk Pui DerekTutorHG215[email protected]


The Jockey Club New Hall (Commonly known by students as Hall H)

Prof HAMPTON Mark AndrewWardenHH901[email protected]
Ms MAN Shan ShanSenior TutorHH902[email protected]
CHAN Ching Yi Karie TutorHH903[email protected]
YAU Ming SzeTutorHH815[email protected]
HO Yuen Wan TutorHH615[email protected]
NKANSAH Jacob OppongTutorHH315[email protected]


Wong Hoo Chuen Hall (Commonly known by students as WHC Hall)

Prof FONG Jonathan JulioWardenWHC1701[email protected]
Ms LEUNG Wing Yee, NansSenior TutorWHC1703[email protected]
CHAN Chi Man, CeciliaTutorWHC1206[email protected]
NG Yeuk NamTutorWHC1205[email protected]
HO Hiu Ting, IvyTutorWHC1006[email protected]
CHEUNG Man Sze, CeciTutorWHC1005[email protected]
CHAN Tsz Hong, DesmondTutorWHC805[email protected]
PUN Hok LamTutorWHC605[email protected]


Wu Jieh Yee Hall (Commonly known by students as WJY Hall)

Prof Liu William GuanglinWardenWJY1801[email protected]
Mr TSUI Chi Ping, EricSenior TutorWJY1803[email protected]
NG Wing SiTutorWJY1205[email protected]
SIU Chor YiuTutorWJY1005[email protected]
KONG Shing Hei    TutorWJY806[email protected]
TAN Kai Teck Desmond   TutorWJY805 [email protected]
CHAN RoxanneTutorWJY606[email protected]
LIAO Jiamin CarmenTutorWJY605[email protected]


Office of Student Affairs (OSA Hostel Team)

Mr Lin Chor

Associate Director of Student Affairs

WYLG01/18[email protected]
Mr Tim Chung

 Student Affairs Manager

WYLG01/8[email protected]
Mr Bmos CheungAssistant Student Affairs Manager IIWYLG01/16[email protected]
Ms Leung Long NiStudent Affairs OfficerWYLG01[email protected]
Ms Sarah NgAssistant Student Affairs OfficerWYLG01[email protected]

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