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Awards Presentation Ceremony

In recognition of the academic achievements of students and in appreciation of the generous donations of benefactors, the Office of Student Affairs holds Awards Presentation Ceremony annually.  It is an event in which students formally receive scholarships and awards from the donors.  

   Awards Presentation Ceremony 2024

Date:15 April 2024 (Monday)
Time:5:00 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.
Venue:Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery, Lingnan University

Attendance at Awards Presentation Ceremony

Students are required to attend at least one awards presentation ceremony during their duration of study at the University.  The attendance of the awards presentation ceremony will be shown on the Certificate of Awards and Participation of each student as “fulfilled’ or “not fulfilled’ as appropriate.



  1. Office of Student Affairs will invite students to register for the Ceremony through emails. 
  2. Students have to register for the Ceremony online before the deadline of registration.
  3. The attendance of students will not be counted if they have not made any prior online registration.



Exchange students are not required to fulfil the requirement unless they pursue a two-year, three-year or four-year full-time undergraduate programmes at the University.



Office of Student Affairs
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