Subsite Background

Entrepreneurship in Service-Learning

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) is an entrepreneurship platform that aims to harness the transformative power of liberal arts education to drive innovation, growth, and social development.  Trained to look beyond established boundaries, Liberal Arts students have an edge in entrepreneurship.




Inclusive Entrepreneurship for Liberal Arts Students

We believe that entrepreneurship should be accessible to all, regardless of university major, background, gender, etc.  Since 2017, LEI has fostered Inclusive Entrepreneurship inspired by the Liberal Arts tradition:

  • We nurture entrepreneurship and innovation in students from all backgrounds regardless of their majors.
  • We support student-led initiatives that have a strong positive impact on the sustainable development of the broader society.
  • We facilitate exchange of knowledge and resources between university members and the wider community. 




Past Activities:

  • Startup Weekend.
  • Workshop series (introducing new technologies such as robotics and 3D-printing).
  • Entrepreneurship Knowledge Transfer fund (EKT fund).
  • Start-up internships.