ABLE@LU (Active Blended Learning Enhancement)


Active Blended Learning Enhancement@Lingnan

The ABLE@LU (Active Blended Learning Enhancement@Lingnan)* is a new blended professional development programme delivered by the TLC. This programme is an experiential and action learning approach for teaching staff to authentically demonstrate what it means to be an online learner and how to develop blended learning approaches for your students. The programme will be delivered in a blended mode.

The programme has three modules and you will be guided and supported through:

  1. The experience of being an online learner
  2. Developing your own blended learning activities using Moodle
  3. Implementing and evaluating these activities with your students

Programme schedule and study hours

The programme consists of three modules with approximately 12-14 study hours each. The face-to-face sessions are integral to the design and ethos of the programme, and these connect to relevant online tasks and activities which are conducted in groups and/or individually.

Programme schedule

Click here to download programme schedule PDF

Assessment and Certificate

Participants will be awarded certificates on satisfactory completion of the programme. Achievement of the programme learning outcomes is via the completion of assessed tasks and activities.

*ABLE@LU is internationally accredited and recognised through SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association and aligns to the SEDA-PDF Award: Leading and Embedding Technology-Enhanced Learning.

Successful graduates of ABLE@LU are entitled to refer to themselves as SEDA Recognised Leader for Technology Enhanced Learning .

To join the ABLE@LU programme you must be:

  • a Lingnan teaching staff 
  • teaching a course in Term 2 2022/2
  • have some basic experience of using Moodle.




ABLE@LU is a great way “to workshop” your ideas, iron out the kinks with feedback from supportive colleagues, see things from the perspective of your students, and get professional credit for it too.  I highly recommend it because it helped me to plan out my activities, prompted me to explain to my students precisely what I wanted them to get out of the experience, and gave them a better experience. 
(Prof. Greg Whitten. Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Economics)
ABLE@LU is great for sharing and developing your online teaching practice. The programme gives you an enjoyable opportunity to try out new ideas in a supportive and positive environment with colleagues from other departments, can be used in your day-to-day teaching, and will improve your understanding and use of learning technology.
(Prof Neil Hunt, Associate Head, CEAL)
Having used the LMS for many years, I did not realise how much more creatively I could use it until I took ABLE@LU. The programme helped me to be more purposeful in using technology for teaching. 
(Dr Mark Hansley Yang Chua, Research Assistant Professor, Institute of Policy Studies)
ABLE@LU covers everything from the very basics of blended learning to the practical nitty-gritty details of activity design. Not only was the course thoughtfully organized, I also learned so many web-based and classroom activities. Recommend for both complete neophytes and experienced online teachers!
(Dr Julia Chan, Visiting Scholar, Department of English)
ABLE@LU was great! I learnt embedding technology-enhanced approaches to student learning and developing blended learning activities with peer and mentor support. The programme was both enjoyable and stimulating. 
(Mr Justin Lam, Senior College Lecturer, LIFE)