Conference Grant for Teaching and Learning Development

The Conference Grant for Teaching and Learning Development is a new fund to provide all staff for conference attendance related to higher education and university teaching and learning, with particular regard but not limited to:

– Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) to promote good practices in teaching and learning, and to showcase of teaching excellence arising from the University’s time-honoured Liberal Arts Education such as:

(1) Adoption of inquiry-based approach/ action research to address the significant teaching and learning issues
(2) Experiment on innovative pedagogical and assessment methods (in general or in a disciplinary context)
(3) Analysis of empirical results to evaluate the effectiveness
(4) Presentation in scholarly format and dissemination in conferences, which is added to the existing body of relevant literature that generate another cycle of scholarly activities in teaching and learning


The deadline for applications is one month before the first day of the conference  [e.g. To apply for grant for conference beginning on 1 November 2018, the application documents should reach the office of TLC by 28 September 2018 (Friday), since 29 – 30 September 2018 and 1 October 2018 are weekends/ public holidays, at which no application will be processed].

Guide to Applications:

Application Form: