Update on Vaccine Pass implementation (19 April 2022) (只有英文版)

  • 大學通告


Subsequent to our announcement on 18 February about the implementation of the Vaccine Pass (https://ln.edu.hk/announcement/20220218/details-on-vaccine-pass-implementation), the Government has advanced the implementation date for Stage 3 of the Vaccine Pass from 30 June to 31 May, which shall be applicable to all staff members and students of the University. The key points of the Vaccine Pass are recapped below for your easy reference:


1.   Implementation date:

1.1. The University began to implement the Vaccine Pass on 24 February 2022.


2.   Vaccine Pass Update

2.1. All persons entering the campus of Lingnan University should have completed their first dose of vaccination by 24 February (Stage 1), and the second dose by 21 April 2022 (Stage 2).

2.2. All individuals (except certain special groups) will need to have received the third dose by 31 May 2022 (Stage 3) instead of the original 30 June 2022. From 31 May onwards, the grace period for persons aged 12 or above (not persons who have recovered from COVID-19 infections) to receive the third dose after the second dose will be six months. For those whose second dose was received within six months, their Vaccine Pass is still valid, but they must receive the third dose within six months after receiving the second dose in order to continue using the Vaccine Pass. For details, please refer to: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/vp_t1_ENG.pdf (English) or https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/vp_t1_CHI.pdf (Chinese)


3.   Exemptions

3.1. Children under the age of 12.

3.2. Those who are medically unsuitable for vaccination are required to obtain an Exemption Certificate with validity period issued by a registered doctor, and conduct recognised COVID-19 viral test once every three days. The University may conduct random sample check from time to time as deemed appropriate.


4.   Exemption Certificates (only for those medically unsuitable for vaccination)

4.1. According to the Government, a transitional period up to 30 April 2022 will be provided for the Exemption Certificate arrangement. During the transitional period, private doctors can still issue non-electronic copies of the Exemption Certificate following the template compiled by the Department of Health, and the relevant paper copy of the Exemption Certificate can continue to be used during the transitional period. After the transitional period, all Exemption Certificates without an encrypted QR code will not be accepted. For details of the Exemption Certificate, please refer to https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202201/27/P2022012700615.htm.


5.   Recognised COVID-19 viral tests (only for those medically unsuitable for vaccination with an Exemption Certificate)

5.1. For information about authorised COVID-19 test services, please visit https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/early-testing.html. Those who are medically unsuitable for vaccination are required to conduct recognised COVID-19 test every three calendar days and scan the QR code of the latest result in the LeaveHomeSafe app.

5.2. No financial subsidies will be offered since the University accepts the results of free COVID-19 tests such as the deep throat saliva test offered by the Hong Kong Government.

5.3. Results of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) are accepted. Please take a photo of the negative RAT result with your staff/student identity card and date of testing for record.


6.   Use of LeaveHomeSafe mobile app(安心出行)for Campus Access

6.1. The University makes use of the LeaveHomeSafe Apps developed by the Government to implement the Vaccine Pass for campus access control.

6.1. Please download the LeaveHomeSafe app at https://www.leavehomesafe.gov.hk/en/ and update it to the most recent version.

6.2. Store your vaccination records or the Exemption Certificates and recognised COVID-19 test result by scanning the relevant QR codes using the LeaveHomeSafe.

6.3. Those with non-local COVID-19 vaccination records may register your records with the Government through voluntary declaration to obtain a QR code and store it in the LeaveHomeSafe app. Please refer to https://www.covidvaccine.gov.hk/pdf/nonlocalvaccFAQs_ENG.pdf (English), https://www.covidvaccine.gov.hk/pdf/nonlocalvaccFAQs_CHI.pdf (Chinese).

6.4. Scan the venue QR code using the LeaveHomeSafe at the campus entrances, then show the QR code of your vaccination record or Exemption Certificate in front of the QR Code Verification Scanner. Please refer to the demonstration videos below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8r4CeNA5q4 (English), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNGPsZvf2X0 (Cantonese).

6.5. You are strongly advised to make sure that the information uploaded is true and accurate. Members making false declaration may be subject to disciplinary or legal actions.

6.6. Those who have an invalid vaccine pass will be banned from entering the campus.

6.7. Staff and students are also required to show valid LU identity card to the security guards upon entering the campus.

6.8. Visitors are required to show the invitation letter issued by departments to security personnel upon access.

6.9. You are advised to scan the QR code upon entering individual buildings/facilities on campus with the LeaveHomeSafe, where applicable, to facilitate potential contact tracing.

6.10 You are still encouraged to submit your vaccination record to the Campus Entry Permit System available at myLingnan Portal and LU Mobile on a voluntary basis.


7.   Access to hostels and Visitors’ Quarters

7.1. The COVID‐19 Vaccination & Testing Record System for Student Residents will continue to be used until further notice. Residents of Halls and Visitors’ Quarters should use their Lingnan identity card to access the hostels/quarters.


8.   Non-compliance

8.1. Students

8.1.1.   When face-to-face classes resume, students barred from entering the campus will be regarded as absent.

8.1.2.   According to University regulations, a student who has been absent without leave for a period exceeding 30 calendar days in the aggregate in any term will be considered unofficially withdrawn from studies, and a student whose accumulated leave of absence exceeding one-third of the term will not be assessed or awarded credits for the courses they have enrolled in that term.

8.2. Staff

8.2.1.   Staff members must apply for annual leave or no-pay leave if they are barred from the university campus.


The University deeply appreciates your understanding and cooperation with the arrangement.



Office of the Comptroller ([email protected])



Office of Communications and Public Affairs


19 April 2022